Innovit Vitamin D and OstroVit Appetite Control have been withdrawn.  Ethylene oxide has been found in nutritional supplements

The Chief Health Inspector issued a letter warning against taking many popular nutritional supplements. It is all about Innovit Vitamin D and OstroVit to control appetite. In both cases, the cause is the presence of the carcinogenic ethylene oxide in the products.

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1. Beware of Popular Supplements

The Chief Health Inspector under the Food and Feed Early Warning System (RASFF) was notified of a recall of a batch of Innovit Vitamin D by the Dutch company Ridam Care BV due to product discovery. ethylene oxideIt is a substance harmful to health. Similar steps have been taken in Poland.

The details of the withdrawn payment are as follows:

Action store chain in Poland recalls a range of products that pose a health hazard from stores.

During the inspection, the presence of an item dangerous to health was detected

During the inspection, the presence of an item dangerous to health was detected (Adobe Stock)

2. More products withdrawn due to ethylene oxide content

She’s not the only one with Nutritional supplementswhere ethylene oxide was detected. In a subsequent message, GIS also warns of several batches of products OstroVit appetite control.

During the examination, it turned out that their production was made of a component contaminated with ethylene oxide.

The details of the withdrawn payment are as follows:

  • OstroVit appetite control 60 capsules

  • lot number: 6APE001

  • Minimum Durability History: 26.05.2023 p.

  • Producer: Fitness Trade Robert ZolborskyMujahideen. Sitarska 16, 18-300 Zambro

Fitness Trading Robert Zollborsky has taken steps to withdraw these product groups from the market.

Ethylene oxide is harmful to health, regardless of its level. It can be a carcinogen, increases the risk of miscarriage and can cause memory problems. In the European Union, the use of ethylene oxide in food in any quantity is prohibited.

At the moment, it is not known how it ends up in food or supplements. This will be shown by the results of a detailed investigation.

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