slag.  Will PSŻ disappear from the highway map?  The club gives the city a warning

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Mateusz Kmisek

After Landshut Devils resigned from participating in the First League, the closest to taking their place is the Poznań club, which has already received an invitation to participate in the competition. However, the lack of lighting gets in the way. There are many indications that the city will not be able to build it.

This, of course, automatically means that the Scorpions will not be able to perform in the PGE Ekstraliga backstage, because one of the requirements is to have permanent artificial lighting. However, this is still missing in the capital of Greater Poland.

Moreover, in the current season, InvestHousePlus PSŻ Poznań was able to participate in the First MotoGP League only thanks to the Main MotoGP Sports Committee, which showed understanding and conditionally approved the team’s participation.

However, there are many indicators that the people of Poznań will not receive this approval again. This means that it is necessary to build lighting to adapt to the requirements of the Premier League. City authorities must help achieve this goal.

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On Wednesday, the Board of Directors of PSŻ held a meeting with their representatives. On the same day, the club announced on Facebook that it had had no impact and that the chances of lighting being installed before the start of the 2024 matches were slim.

However, it seems that this is not the worst news for fans of the “black sport” in Poznań, because the statement added that due to these circumstances, the highway managers of the capital of Greater Poland do not see any benefit in further involvement in the popularization of this sport in the region.

At the same time, they put forward an ultimatum that, if they do not receive a clear commitment from the city authorities to regulate the issue of artificial lighting by October 15 of this year, the current management of the club will resign, which will most likely mean that the Poznań club will not participate in league competitions at any level.

Full statement of representatives of the Board of Directors of PSŻ Poznań

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