slag.  This could be the first transfer of the season.  Attractive terms for those interested

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Matthews Buka

The authorities of Stal Gorzów are waiting for Mathias Bolestad, who wants to loan him out, and they are sure that the Norwegian will soon get the opportunity to play regularly in the lower league. To achieve this, the residents of Gorzów are willing to offer interesting financial terms.

The 20-year-old is one of the most talented players of the younger generation. A year ago, he gained a lot of experience not only in the U24 Extraleague, but also in the SGP2 series. There is no chance of competing for a place in a Premier League team yet, but the club is hoping that will change in a couple of years. For this to happen, the player must be playing regularly in one of the lower leagues this year.

There has been talk of loaning the player since November, but Gurzuf's side remain patient and are sure that a team that will be looking for reinforcements will approach them soon. At the moment, Mattias Bolestad is the most interesting free agent in the U24 position.

Since this season, the 20-year-old has been using driving units from Ryszard Kowalski, which is another argument for his transfer. The Stal authorities were keen to prepare it at the highest level.

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Financial conditions are also encouraging. It turns out that the motorcycle racer is available for PLN 50-100,000, and additional money will be paid to Stal Gorzów in case of better performance by the racer. It may turn out that hiring a young star for the season will cost, for example, 75,000 PLN plus 5,000 PLN paid after every match in which the player scores more than six points. In this way, the people of Gorzow want to make the clubs more willing to consider such a move. Therefore, the financial risks will not be significant.

Among the under-24 players in the Metalkas 2. Ekstraliga, Mateusz Swednicki has completely failed so far, and his worthy replacement, Jesper Knudsen, must now be temporarily absent due to injury. Tom Brennan performed as expected in the colors of Energa Wybrzeże Gdańsk, with the Gdańsk team often mentioned as those who might need reinforcements most quickly.

There are many signs that Bulestad still needs to be patient and wait until the third round, when it is time for teams to submit their first summaries. Staal will not hesitate to loan the player, because in case of injury, they can play the rookie Oscar Baloch in more races, and it is very likely that from June they will also have Marcus Berkemos at their disposal.

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