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"Apologize".  Kadyrov spoke after the Balashovichi battle

“Apologize”. Kadyrov spoke after the Balashovichi battle

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov could not stand it after Jan Balashovich’s fight with Magomed Ankalayev at UFC 282 in Las Vegas. Vladimir Putin’s pet even implored Dan White to “admit his mistake.”

Carol Wasek

Carol Wasek

Ramzan Kadyrov and the fight between Jan Balashovich and Magomed Ankalaev

Getty Images/Mikhail Svetlov/Contributor/Cooper Neil/Contributor/ Pictured: Ramzan Kadyrov and the fight between Jan Bachovych and Magomed Ankalayev

I need to see the fight, but I definitely haven’t won the fight. I didn’t know if I lost, but I definitely didn’t feel like a winner, – said Jan Blachowicz in an interview with Joe Rogan immediately after the fight.

Prior to the verdict, all indications were that Magomed Ankalayev would be the winner of the main event at UFC 282 in Las Vegas. In the last two rounds, the Pole fell to the carpet each time and was beaten by the challenger.

But after five rounds, the judges’ decision was not unanimous. One of them awarded the victory to Bacovic (48-47), the second to Ancalaggio (48-46), and the third scored a draw and this was the result of the duel.

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The result infuriated Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a pet of Vladimir Putin by day. He even implored – via ‘Telegram’ – UFC President Dana White to “admit the mistake”.

“Dana White, what happened to you? You were an ordinary guy and now you took the belt without handing it over to the winner. Is it politics that got into the octagon and requires dirty refereeing from you? Dana, this is sport. Be honest, “- this seems to be the beginning of Kadyrov’s entry.

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“Where are you going? Take, for example, Maybek Khasiyev from the ACA, who can interfere with biased refereeing. Do not mix politics with sports. Do the same. Apologize, save face and the UFC. Give the belt to a real winner, “the Chechen leader noted.

Dana White did not spare criticism of Bachovic and Ancalaggio after UFC 282. In his opinion, the duel for the vacant title was disappointing, and the Pole and the Russian did not deserve to get another championship opportunity in the upcoming fight.

Dana White chose Jamahl Hill and Glover Teixeira to fight for the vacant belt. The fight is expected to take place at UFC 283 on January 21 at Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

Look after Kadyrov:

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