slag.  The eagle surprised Polish society.  “I told you we were coming to rough terrain.”

WP SportoweFakty / Anna Kłopocka / Pictured: Tomasz Gapiński

Bogomil Borczek

Tomasz Gapiński took over the floor after losing H. Skrzydlewska Orła in Bydgoszcz. – I did not expect that it would be as difficult as it was not in Sportowa 2. However, we did not do badly on a competitor’s track for promotion, – the competitor commented.

Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz was the favorite in the meeting with H. Skrzydlewska Orłem Łódź, but the victory did not come easily to her. After a near-perfect first series, the hosts jumped to eight points and it looked like the meeting could continue under their dictation.

Nor is it in Bydgoszcz

However, this will not happen. The visitors immediately rushed to make up for the losses and responded with two double wins. In the end, the second part was also from the Brda team, which defeated the visitors 49:41. Tomasz Gapiński admitted that the start of the match surprised his team.

We are already off to a false start. We completely missed the line-up, unlike the Polonia players, who quickly made a clear progression. Then we put it off and it was better, but in the end it wasn’t enough to bring the points to Łódź. I haven’t ridden such a track in Bydgoszcz for a long time. I didn’t expect such a hard surface – said Tomasz Gapiński in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

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– it went exactly as it would not with the S2. It was hard to do anything going around outside. For example, I can remember the 14th race, in which I drove under the barrier, but could not pick up the pace there. Wiktor Przyjemski took advantage of this, jumping under me at the curb and the guests clinched that part, winning the double. Although in the second part of the competition the track was a little loose, but not enough to charge it under the fence, – he added.

He has reasons to be pleased and disappointed

Gapiński collected eight points and two bonuses in six starts. His gains would have been higher had it not been for the loss of some long distance positions. One of Polonia Piła’s students admitted that he felt dissatisfied because of this.

– In two races I drove worse than the smallest. I think we lacked a little bit of turning around and self-confidence because we had few training opportunities and we didn’t miss a sparring. This does not change the fact that we actually came to Bydgoszcz to fight for victory. The terrain is tough, I told the guys we come in for 46 points and leave (laughs). But in the end we lost eight points. We take it on the chest – explained our interlocutor.

– I think our scores allow us to say there was no defect. We brought in a competitor for promotion and they didn’t do badly. We’ll drive a little more and be more dangerous. I think Eagle will not come back again this season it will be difficult for other teams. Time will tell if we are strong, because it is difficult to judge at this point. We are definitely aiming for the play-offs and we definitely have the potential to be there. We’ll see what’s next later. I have mixed feelings after this meeting, but I think that Christmas will be spent in a good mood, – summed up Thomas Jabinski.

Bogomich Borczyk, journalist at WP SportoweFakty, spoke

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