A big change in the rules of football.  It will be valid for Euro 2024

During football matches, we often see players surrounding the referee and discussing his decisions. UEFA wants to end this. Therefore, the new regulation comes into force. It will be applied during the European Championships in Germany.

An outfield player can replace the goalkeeper

Only the team captain will be able to speak to the referee during the match. The exception to this rule only applies in one case. If the team captain is the goalkeeper, an off-field player will be designated to communicate with the referee.

Being a referee in modern football is very difficult. He makes 200 to 250 decisions during a match, that is, a decision every 22 seconds, in difficult and sometimes controversial situations, under tremendous pressure. We are willing to talk and share more details with players and coaches to help them understand how the decision was made – explained UEFA Managing Director Roberto Rossetti.

The Euro 2024 tournament starts on June 14 and continues until July 14. In the group stage the acting Poland will face France, Austria and the Netherlands.

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