The stain of Paulo Sousa!  this is the end?

Until a few days ago, it seemed like Sousa had finally found a way to reach the Flamengo players. In May, his team won four games in a row and was dreaming of reaching the top. But now the Portuguese are back He was under criticism.

Souza’s resignation was called for after Sunday’s humiliating defeat to Fortaleza, last in the table. It’s June, it’s been six months since Souza’s been working, and the Flamengo still lack style, tactics and regularity. All in all it contains nothing – Brazilian fans wrote.

Today their anger is greater because of Flamengo lost 0-1 away to RB Bragantino. The goal in the 17th minute was scored by Luan Candido, and Sousa players could not even play for 20 minutes with a single player advantage, because the top scorer received a red card.

Flamengo fans were so angry that thanks to the victory, RB Bragantino halted a run of nine matches without a win.

After the defeat, Souza was relegated to 14th place in the ranking table and It has a point advantage only on the landing zone. In the meantime, let us remind you that the Portuguese left the Polish national team and took over Flamengo at the end of 2021, because the club decided that the vice-championship title in the previous season was not a satisfactory result …

The Portuguese scored in Flamengo three wins, three draws and four defeats. His future is in the balanceEven the Brazilian media reported that in the event of a defeat to RB Bragantino he would be expelled. – He stumbled in this duel should seal his release – He wrote the daily “Ya Zia” newspaper..

In turn, some media outlets began referring to the Souza team as “Titanic”.Pointing out that the atmosphere in his team has deteriorated significantly recently, and that the coach publicly criticizes the position of his players.


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