June 8, 2023


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slag. Petard of Sparta broke the bank. This is only the first game

PAP/Maciej Kulczyński/Photo: Betard Sparta Wrocław Fans

Jaroslav Galewski

It took Betard Sparta five days to sell out almost all tickets for the match against Fogo Unia. Wroclaw residents can earn more than PLN 500,000 from this title already at the start of the league. And much more on match day itself.

From a sporting point of view, the last season was not very successful for the Petard of Sparta. After the suspension of Artiom Łaguta, the players from Wrocław could not join the fight for the top places in the PGE Ekstraliga and ended the matches early. However, the poor results did not affect the attendance, because the Olympic stadium was 94% full, which was an excellent result.

Everything indicates that the highway boom in Wroclaw will last for a long time. The sale of tickets for the first home match of the season, in which Dariush Zledu’s team will play against Fogo Unia Leszno, leaves no illusions on this matter.

The people of Wroclaw had about 6,500 tickets on sale (a similar number being season tickets bought before the games started). They launched sales on April 5th, and tickets are no longer available on Lany Monday. Now you can only buy tickets for the permanent sector, which can accommodate more than 500 people. This means that the stadium will be filled to the last seat, however Fogo Unia Leszno is pursuing very different goals this year than the residents of Wrocław. More interest can therefore be expected when the dates for meetings with Platinum Motor Lublin or Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa approach.

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The club must earn more than PLN 500,000 from selling tickets for the opening match, and less than PLN 4 million in the entire main tour. This is a huge amount of money, and it should be noted that there are also revenues from the day of the match (cooking, sales of gadgets), which is also an important component of the budget.

Let’s add that the residents of Wroclaw sold about 6,500 season tickets before the start of the league. They could have done more, but they chose a different tactic. – We always end the ticket sales promotion when we get close to a half-full stadium. We appreciate our regular players and loyal fans who are with our team at every game. Given the interest in our league matches during the season, we want to give others a chance as well. For those who cannot pre-book seats throughout the season for various reasons. In this way, the meetings of Betard Sparta could be seen by many people. It should be noted that the number of active fans who appear in our database and regularly appear at the stadium is five times greater than the capacity of the facility. Sometimes we dream of a bigger stadium, but we are happy with what we have, because Olimpiyski is a modern, functional and, above all, exceptional place on the highway map of Poland, and maybe not only on the map of our country – tells us Adrian Skubis, press officer of Betard Sparta.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that we have an absolute record of interest in Sparta tickets during the PGE Ekstraliga Final in 2021. Based on the data from the ticket sales system, the people of Wroclaw calculated that they would easily fill the stadium with a capacity of 80 thousand spectators. This just goes to show how much interest the fast lane has in the largest cities outside the region.

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