June 6, 2023


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Parke dominates Polish festivals.  Painful defeat for Zolakovsky

Parke dominates Polish festivals. Painful defeat for Zolakovsky

This wasn’t what Grzegorz Szulakowski’s return to MMA was supposed to look like. The Pole in the evening fight Prime Show MMA 2: Norman Park dominated the space and brutally smashed. The player from Northern Ireland became the star of another Polish association.

Artur Babic

Artur Babic

Norman Park beats Grzegorz Szulakowski

Twitter/Norman Park win with Grzegorz Szulakowski

No one expected the Prime Show MMA 2: Kosmos gala evening battle to be a clash between two pros. In the event’s most significant duel, two former KSW stars faced off against Norman Park and Gerges Szolakowski.

Szulakowski said before the fight that for him it was an offer he couldn’t refuse (more over here). He also went out to fight a fighter from Northern Ireland in this position.

Szulakowski fought with great ambition, but from the first round Norman Park had an advantage. At some point, the British hit the pole with a powerful blow that shocked the “Szulim”. However, the pole quickly recovered.

After a moment, there was a lot of controversy. The moment Szulakowski got three points of support on the mat, Park took a powerful knee kick at the head of the pole. The judge made a cautionary decision, but Park didn’t get a point deduction in the end.

In the second round, the face of the fight did not change much. The opponent from Northern Ireland was dominating and scoring the opponent successfully. Moreover, Sulakovsky sustained a serious wound that made him bleed heavily.

The start of the third round was a very strong blow, which obviously “tied” Szolakovsky. But Norman Park did not take advantage of this and continued to quietly defeat the Pole. In the second part of the final battle, the fight moved to the ground floor and Park’s complete dominance was already in place. Szulakowski was covered in blood after the last gong.

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The judges finally decided to win. The decision can only be a victory for Norman Park. The competitor from Northern Ireland won the fight in another organization and showed that he was second to none in the strange fighting scene.

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