slag.  Mateusz Cerniak is the Junior World Champion!  Jakub Miśkowiak is back from a long trip

The Poles dominated the last SGP2 tournament in Toruń. The final match was a mood swing for the contestants. Wiktor Lampart has already received the silver medal for finishing the championship after the podium. Gold for Cierniak, Silver for Kvech and Bronze for Miśkowiak!

Matthews Makuch

Matthews Cernyak

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Pictured: Mateusz Cernyak

After two SGP2 championships, Mateusz Cerniak had the Junior World Championships on his fingertips. In order to reach the coveted gold, the Pole had to enter the semi-finals in Toruń and did not make fun of him. When it became clear that nothing and no one could take the title from him, great joy erupted in his team, which we can already see on the track. He was accompanied, among others, by Bartosz Zmirzlik who gave Cerniak some advice during the tournament. In 2023, they will both compete with Motor Lublin.

Since the start of the competition, Cernyak has been very focused on doing his job. This was demonstrated particularly by his first two points, depriving his rivals of any illusions that they could threaten him in any way. His confidence was not disturbed after the third streak of starts. He failed completely in race 10, but finished second in his next race and continued his run for gold.

Putting a dot on the “i” of the Lublin Auto Show on Round 18 of the day. In it, as in his third race, he started poorly, but withstood the pressure. And he had to make an effort, because at the same time he had to defend himself against Jan Kvich and attack Krzysztof Lewandowski. The pole cleverly penetrated the second position while driving at the curb. Crossing the finish line behind Wiktor Przyjemski’s back, he took the title.

Watch the video Miśkowiak recalled the most important moment in his career. He also set an ambitious goal for the future

In the fourteenth part, Cerniak lost to Victor Lamparte, who was doing a great job that day in Torun. He didn’t do anything at all about the starting field he was standing on, because after releasing the clutch “handle” it started moving like a rocket and that’s how much they saw. The Pole finished the main stage of the tournament with full points and increased his chances of winning a medal. Such an excellent Lampart disposition was surely loved by the local Toruń fans, as from next season he will be a competitor to Apator’s For Nature Solutions.

The other Biao-Czerwoni did not disappoint either and each of them had their good moments. Mateusz Schwednecki stood out when he made up for poor tournaments in Prague and Cardiff with his successful performance in Toruń. The pole showed that despite not having a medal, he is among the best youngsters in the world. He put in a great performance especially in the semi-finals, where he wisely prepared an attack on Benjamin Basu, thanks to which he was promoted to the final.

Only Krzysztof Lewandowski, who was riding in this competition with “wild card”, was not promoted to the semi-finals of the Poles. The Apator competitor was in 10th place, so decent performance was behind it. The best for him was the eleventh race, which he won, among other things, pressed by Jacob Mikoviak. But the outgoing champion fought for one of the remaining medals to the end and surprised everyone at the crucial moment.

The final was played in installments, because on the first try, during the second lap, Świdnicki was overcharged, who was fighting for second place with Miśkowiak, flew over the wheel, and hit the track. Until the race stopped, the Cheetah was confident and was chasing the silver medal. Miśkowiak’s repetition turned out to be useful.

In it, the highway racer Włókniarz from Czestochowa did something that no one else did that day, namely, he won the start with a cheetah and put it at the entrance to the arch. Miśkowiak won by a huge advantage and took third place in IMŚJ’s final classification. And so he returned from a long trip, because after two tournaments he was … the eighth!

The IMŚJ medal winners in 2022 were Mateusz Cerniak (gold – 56 points), Jan Kvich (silver – 39) and Jacob Mikoviak (bronze – 38).

Results of the third SGP2 final in Torun:
1. Jacob Mikowiak (Poland) – 16 (0.2,2,3,3,3,3) – 20 EGP 2
2. Wiktor Lambert (Poland) – twenty (3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2) – 18
3. Mateusz Cerniak (Poland) – 13 (3,3,0,2,2,2,1) – 16
4. Mateusz Schwednicki (Poland) – 13 (2,3,2,3,1,2,w) – 14
5. Benjamin Basso (Denmark) – 13 (2,3,2,2,3,1) – 12
6. Jan Kvich (Czech Republic) – 11 (1,2,3,3,1,1) – 11
7. Tom Brennan (Great Britain) – 10 (3,2,1,2,2,0) – 10
8. Wiktor Przyjemski (Poland) – 9 (2,1,1,2,3,0) – 9
9. Keynan Rew (Australia) – 7 (0,1,3,1,2) – 8
10. Krzysztof Lewandowski (Poland) – 6 (2,0,3,1,0) – 7
11. Daniel Klima (Czech Republic) – 5 (3,1,0,0,1) – 6
12. Kevin Johl Pedersen (Denmark) – 5 (1,0,1,1,2) – 5
13. Petr Schluback (Czech Republic) – 4 (1,2,1,0,0) – 4
14. Kasper Henriksson (Sweden) – 3 (u, 1,2,0,0) – 3
15th. Timmy Salonen (Finland) – 2 (d, 0,0,1,1) – 2
16. Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) – 0 (0.0, t, 0.0) – 1
17. Selena Lippmann (Germany) – 0 (in)
18. Matthews Avelt (Poland) – NS

Running after running:
1. (58.17) Cernyak, Odnicki, Henrikson (S), Salonen (D)
2. (58.28) Brennan, Przymski, Pedersen, Knudsen
3. (57.71) Klima, Lewandowski, Schluback, Rio
4. (57,45) Leopard, Basso, Kfish, Mycoviac
5. (57, 54) Lambert, Brennan, Henrikson, Lewandowski
6. (57, 18) Cernyak, Mikoviak, Clima, Knudsen
7. (57.51) Basso, Shlubak, Przymsky, Salonin
8. (57.77) Świdnicki, Kvech, Rew, Pedersen
9. (58.30) Kvech, Henriksson, Chlupac, Liebmann (u)
10. (58, 35) Roy, Basu, Brennan, Cerniac
11. (59, 24) Lewandowski, Mikoviak, Pedersen, Salonin
12. (58, 59) Leopard, Odnik, Przymsky, Klima
13. (58.04) Miśkowiak, Przyjemski, Rew, Henriksson
14. (58.26) Leopard, Cerniac, Pedersen, Klupac
15th. (59,21) Kfish, Brennan, Salonen, Clima
16. (59, 56) Odnicki, Basso, Lewandowski, Knudsen
17. (59.86) Basso, Pedersen, Clima, Henrikson
18. (60,41) Przymsky, Cernyak, Kvich, Lewandowski
19. (59.97) Lamparte, Roy, Salonen, Knudsen
twenty. (59.39) Mikoviak, Brennan, Odnicki, Klupac
Semi Final No. 1. (59.92) Leopard, Thorn, Kfish, Brennan
Semi Final No. 2. (59.48) Miśkowiak, Świdnicki, Basso, Przyjemski
ultimate. (59,48) Mikoviak, Lamparte, Cernyak, Udniki (in)

Judge: Jesper Steintoft

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