March 22, 2023


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29 million light years from Earth.  'Absolutely amazing' what's out there - o2

29 million light years from Earth. ‘Absolutely amazing’ what’s out there – o2

Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, the world can see very detailed images of the universe. While its older brother, the Hubble Space Telescope, has previously provided information about new outdoor spaces, it’s not entirely accurate. NASA has released images of the galaxy IC 5332, which is more than 29 million light-years from Earth.

The space agency compared images of galaxy IC 5332 taken with both devices. Thanks to the Webb telescope, new stars and “bones” of a distant galaxy appeared in human eyes. Image details described in “Live Science”:

A new image appears behind the dust, revealing a web of gas and stars. A new image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope reveals the hidden gaseous ‘bones’ structure of a distant galaxy. It is absolutely amazing – we read.

Stunning images of the galaxy IC 5332. The James Webb Telescope has revealed new stars

The cosmic knot of gas, dust and stars belongs to the spiral galaxy IC 5332, located in the constellation of the Sculptor more than 29 million light-years from Earth. Since it faces the Earth almost perfectly, the spiral arms of the imaged galaxy are very clearly visible.

Galaxy IC 5332 is about 66,000 light-years across. That’s roughly two-thirds the size of our Milky Way, Live Science reports. The Science page also adds, which will help in getting accurate images taken with the Webb Telescope.

In the case of IC 5332, scientists hope that by comparing images of a distant galaxy from Hubble and JWST, they can learn more about the composition and structure of the galaxy, as well as how it can translate into more general patterns observed in all spirals. Galaxies.

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