February 4, 2023


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The football world has a new hero. Football

Matthew Lahoz He was previously criticized for his work during the Qatar World Cup. He caused a special stir when judging the quarter-finals between Argentina and the Netherlands, which simply got out of hand in the world, and there were fights between the players. This time Hughes got another one Toy High risk – Barcelona – Espanyol derby.

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The airport received the Polish referees in the World Cup final

View Lahoz. 15 cards, seven of them in six minutes

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, but that was not what attracted the most attention. The number of cards Hose has shown is impressive. In total, he reached it as many as 15 times. Things got heated especially between the 74th and 80th minute. Then he admonished the players 7 times, and the pitch had to leave Jordi Alba and Vinicius Souza, who kicked two penalties. Journalists and pundits on Twitter summed up the chaos at the Camp Nou bitterly. They did not leave a dry thread on Spanish rule.

“After the total nonsense he showed at the World Cup, he clearly didn’t think about his actions, didn’t learn anything. This guy needs a break from refereeing. The RFEF needs to turn him on and suspend him. Maybe then he’ll finally reconsider,” said journalist Alex Troika. .

– angry soccer players, fans Surprised and disgusted commentators. Mateo Lahoz is in his element – wrote football referee Łukasz Rogowski.

Mateo Lahoz is amazing. Always, no matter what, he should be the center of attention. He is not a judge, he is a man who loves himself. It is the bride at the wedding, the child at the baptism and the deceased at the funeral – Ruben Urrea summed up in a colorful way.

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Ruthless experts of the Haouz: “Shut up in a cage”

– Lahoz, if you want to do a circus, lock yourself in it Cage and display it to the public. Already let the ball go – added Przemysław Michalak from Weszko.com.

“Someone should fire Mathieu Lahoz,” TNT Sports correspondent Marcelo Pichler briefly pleaded.

– Mr. Lahoz, let him rest from football – asked Sebastian Mila, a former Polish actor and now an expert on TVP Sport.

You can also find more sports content at Gazeta.pl.

And Elton Mokolo, a French journalist for Eurosport, said that he would take this competition as frivolous if they allowed Al-Houz to rule again, especially after the quarter-finals of the World Cup, as he is a clown who harms the interests of the two teams and the match as a whole.

Wonderful lozenge. After completing his career, he can easily ride with some circus or stand-up – laughed Canal + Sport director Michał Kołodziejczyk.