slag.  Maciej Janowski breaker of fate!  Pole with the first IMŚ medal!

Bartosz Zmarzlik is the world champion and Maciej Janowski is the bronze medalist! The Wrocław native reached his last Grand Prix on the track in Toruń to hit the first IMŚ album of his career. The competition was won by Martin Vaculik.

Matthews Makuch

Maciej Janowski wears a blue helmet

PAP / Tytus Żmijewski / Pictured: Maciej Janowski in a blue helmet

Shivers ran on his back, and goosebumps ran through his hands as Maciej Janowski was driving in the race for his bronze medal in the singles world championships. This was the second semi-final of the day in which the Pole had to finish at least second.

The native of Wroclaw did it after a great battle. A lap and a half before the end of the race, it was the latter and it smelled that for the fifth time in his career that he would finish the championship in fourth place. However, he fought to the end and broke through a phenomenal second place, finishing third on the Grand Prix course. This is his first IMŚ medal in his life!

The most important decisions in this year’s tournament were taken two weeks ago in Melilla. There Bartosz Zmirzlik won his third professional title. It was also almost certain that the silver medal would go to Leon Madsen. A disaster must occur in Toruń, which will affect the Dane, until the runner-up loses. Nothing like that happened, although he could have been nervous in his chest, because it seemed to be sinusoidal. After all, he became the world’s number two highway racer for the second time in his life.

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In fact, the only unknown was who would get the bronze medal. Before the competition, Polish fans hoped that Patrik Dudek would take the place at the slightest step of the podium, because he was the closest to him. However, the residents of Zielona Góra did not cope with this challenge. From the start of the competition he looked poor, he was slow and he had no idea how to be effective in Motuarina that day.

Dudek, who is after all a competitor to the local Apator, could have taken the track by surprise. The deck setting was very different from what was presented in Toruń during the PGE Ekstraliga matches. Concerns about the lack of effective litigation turned out to be unnecessary. The organizers gave us an oval that made it possible to fight and even the rain that hit Toruń at the start of the tournament didn’t get in our way.

The good race started in the first series from the start of the battle for Fredrik Lindgren’s victory over Martin Vaculik. The Swede stubbornly attacked across the width, and the Slovakian successfully held him back. Later, I had the pleasure of watching Andrei Lebedev’s brawl outside, Mikel Michaelsen’s charge, who acrobatic bet on the aforementioned Lindgren, bowing under Kacper Woryna’s squad, or Jacek Holder’s recent attack on Pawe third place Przedpełski.

These are just examples, because there were a lot of interesting fights in Toruń and it’s hard to distinguish between all the actions. In addition to the impressive leadership, the fight for the bronze medal was gaining ground with the course of the competition. The problem was brought up by Robert Lambert. The Briton, after a very good first warm-up, entered the bar at the third start, completely removing him from the rhythm of the match and bypassing Lambert in the semi-finals.

Dudek and Lambert’s fall on the main stage of the tournament meant a chance to win the bronze medal, among other things, emerged. In front of Maciej Janowski. His main rivals, Fredrik Lindgren and Daniel Pioli, were eliminated from the semi-finals, and the Pole seized the opportunity, and it is worth emphasizing once again that he did so in great style.

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Results of the Polish Grand Prix in Torun:
1. Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) – 19 (3,3,3,2,2,3,3) – 20 GP points.
2. Bartosz Szmarzlik (Poland) – 17 (2,2,2,3,3,3,2) – 18
3. Leon Madsen (Denmark) – 12 (3,0,3,0,3,2,1) – 16
4. Maciej Janowski (Poland) – 13 (2,3,2,1,3,2,0) – 14
5. Mikkel Michaelsen (Denmark) – 10 (1,2,0,3,3,1) – 12
6. Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) – 9 (2,1,1,3,1,1) – 11
7. Andrei Lebedev (Latvia) – 9 (3,0,2,3,1,0) – 10
8. Daniel Bewley (Great Britain) – 7 (0.2,3,2,0,0) – 9
9. Casper Worina (Poland) – 7 (3,0,2,1,1) – 8
10. Ty and Wenden (Great Britain) – 7 (1,1,3,t, 2) – 7
11. Robert Lambert (Great Britain) – 7 (2.3, t, 1.1) – 6
12. Jason Doyle (Australia) – 7 (1,3,1,2,in) 5
13. Jacob Mikowiak (Poland) – 5 (1,2,0,2,0) – 4
14. Jack Holder (Australia) – 4 (0,1,1,0,2) – 3
15th. Patrick Dudek (Poland) – 4 (0,1,0,1,2) – 2
16. Krzysztof Lewandowski (Poland) – 1 (1) – 1
17. Bawi Przydbinski (Poland) – 0 (0,0,0,0,0) – 0
18. Matthews Avelt (Poland) – 0 (0)

Running after running:
1. (60, 15) Madsen, Lambert, Michelsen, Holder
2. (59.63) Vaculik, Lindgren, Mikoviak, Dudek
3. (60, 21) Woryna, Zmarzlik, Woffinden, Przedpełski
4. (60.05) Lepidio, Janowski, Doyle, Beoli
5. (60, 33) Vaculik, Beauli, & Venden, Madsen
6. (59, 81) Janowski, Michelsen, Lindgren, and Lorena
7. (60,62) Doyle, Mikoviak, Holder, Przyzbinski
8. (59.85) Lambert, Zmarzlik, Dudek, Lepidio
9. (61, 18) Madsen, Lepidio, Lindgren, Przyzbinsky
10. (60.83) Vaculik, Zimmerslik, Doyle, and Michelson
11. (60, 56) Woffinden, Janowski, Holder, Dudek
12. (61,35) Pioli, Lorena, Lewandowski, Mikoviak
13. (60,55) Zmarzlik, Mikoviak, Janowski, Madsen
14. (60, 51) Michelsen, Bewley, Dudek, Przyzbinsky
15th. (61, 13) Lepidio, Vaculek, Warina, Holder
16. (61,43) Lindgren, Doyle, Lambert, Avelt
17. (60,64) Madsen, Dudek, Lorena, Doyle (in)
18. (60.60) Michelsen, Venden, Lepidio, Mikoviak
19. (61, 10) Zimmerzlik, Holder, Lindgren, Bewley
twenty. (60.99) Janowski, Vaculik, Lambert, Przyzbinsky
Semi Final No. 1. (60, 23) Vaculik, Madsen, Lindgren, Lebedev
Semi-final No. 2. (60,80) Zamarzlik, Janowski, Michelsen, Beuli
ultimate. (60.95) Vaculik, Zamarzlik, Madsen, Janowski

Judge: Jesper Steintoft

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