She dreams of someone like Sławomir Peszko

Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik will fight in Eugene for third medal at the World Championships. In an interview with Przegląd Sportowy, she revealed that her relay friends can count on her not only on the treadmill. The Polish woman used an eloquent example.

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Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, in small photo: Sławomir Peszko

Instagram / holub_kowalik / Krzysztof Porębski / WP SportoweFakty / Pictured: Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, Pictured small: Sławomir Peszko

Last year, Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik brought home two medals from the Olympic Games in Tokyo (women’s and mixed-race relay). This season, she wanted to follow the blow from the start, fighting for the highest glories in the hall. Unfortunately, an injury to her foot prevented her from competing in the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade. Later, over the following months, the infection continued.

Fortunately, the nicknamed runner was recently able to regain his full strength. In an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy” she stressed that she had forgotten about the injury. There are only individual moments when pain occurs, but it does not interfere with training.

The 29-year-old took off, among others, in the Polish championship in Suwałki, where, due to bad weather conditions, she had to run twice a day. At the time, she wasn’t prepared for it properly.

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Several disturbances meant that Hołub-Kowalik was not able to win the bare minimum that would allow her to initiate individual struggles. However, in the relay, he could fight for a medal again. In addition to a strong run, Hołub-Kowalik set himself another goal in the “Matusiński Angels” team.

– In the context of the relay race, I think I would be a good support for the girls. I laugh that every team should have their own Sławomir Peszka, a guy who has to put the air in. And this time I take it upon myself… – she revealed in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”.

The words about Sławomir Peszka certainly refer to the events of 2018, when the footballer was called up by Adam Nawałka for the World Cup, although many fans and experts confirmed that he does not play at a representative level in the sport. Peszko was then nicknamed ‘Atmosferić’ by the malicious crowd and considered a player who only went to the World Championships to create a good atmosphere.

Hołub-Kowalik is also cautious in advertisements regarding the performance of the Polish 4x400m relay race. However, there is no doubt that the US representatives will be very dangerous again, in addition to being supported by their audience.

The World Championships will be held in Eugene from July 15-21.

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