June 7, 2023


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Tymoszczuk celebrated with the Russians.  With Gazprom on your chest.  Hañba Football Final

Tymoszczuk celebrated with the Russians. With Gazprom on your chest. Hañba Football Final

Former representative of Ukraine Anatoly TimoszksuK His countrymen consider him a traitor. The current assistant coach at Zenit Saint Petersburg He decided not to leave the Russian club, despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and did not condemn the actions of Vladimir Putin, which provoked the above-mentioned opinion among Ukrainians.

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Tymoszczuk also expressed his pro-Russian stance during match The last round, when Zenit won the championship. The 43-year-old celebrated the victory of the Russian national team, never again mentioning the events in Ukraine: – he celebrates the championship while his compatriots are bombed, deported, raped and killed by the state that pays him – he commented on his position in the profile English-speaking football team Ukrainian footballer Zorya Lundunsk. Show hearts towards the stands, all with Gazprom – the main sponsor Zenith – On the chest.

The accusations against Timoshuk are much more serious than the mere overtime referred to earlier in Zenit or the failure to condemn Russia’s actions. The former Ukrainian football player suspected of collaborating with the Russian security service of the FSBHe also stopped paying alimony to his daughters due to problems with payment transactions related to penalties. “This guy is a mountain,” the former player said out loud at the time Dynamo Kyiv Oleksandr Aliyev.

Ukrainians are ruthless to Timochuk. “He chose money over his country and his family.”

Serhiy Balkin, general manager of Shakhtar Donetsk, also commented on the 43-year-old’s situation: Capital Instead of home and family. I’m sure he could find a job elsewhere. He has extensive experience as a player and coach – as reported on football24.ua.

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Timoshuk has also been removed from the country’s representative registry It was decided to strip all titles and awards that have been won. His native Lutsk also deprived him of the title of honorary citizen of the city.