This is how much Natalya Kazmarek will earn for a silver medal at the World Championships.  Athletics is a huge amount

Natalia Kazmarek On Wednesday, August 23, she finished second in the final 400m race at the World Championships in Budapest. The Polish woman achieved a time of 49.57 seconds, just 0.09 seconds behind her personal record. First place went to Marilidi Paulino of the Dominican Republic, and Sada Williams of Barbados completed the podium. All the ladies earned big money, but they could have earned more.

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This is how much Natalia Kazmarek earned for taking second place at the World Championships in Budapest

Both medalists in the 400m have earned themselves a place in the prestigious history of world athletics. However, this does not mean that it is the only reward for an amazing achievement. The World Association of Athletics Federations has prepared the appropriate rewards for each athlete for a place on the podium.

Naturally, Marelida Paulino was the biggest winner, taking first place. A reward of 70,000 US dollars, or about 288,000 Polish zlotys, awaits Dominicanka. Natalya Kazmarek followed, 0.20 seconds behind, and took second place. For the silver medal, she is entitled to a bonus of 35,000 US dollars, or about PLN 144,000. In turn, Sadie Williams III will receive $22,000, or about 90,000 Polish zlotys.

Natalia Kazmarek

Each player can earn more. Specifically, 100,000 US dollars, which is more than 410,000 Polish zlotys. However, it was very difficult to meet the condition – this amount is due to anyone who breaks the current world record. In the 400-meter race, the winner must break the time of 47.60 seconds, which is the time that has been a record since 1957.

Budapest’s Natalia Kazmarek will still have a chance to increase her medal and financial achievements. However, the women’s 4x400m relay must finish on the podium. However, he will start the competition with a weak squad, which gives him little chance of winning a medal. However, if you manage to win it, the prizes that will be divided among the four contestants will also be satisfying. The first place will receive USD 80,000 (approximately 330,000 PLN), the second 40,000 USD (approximately 165,000 USD), and the third 20,000 USD (approximately 82,000 PLN).

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The qualifying rounds for the women’s 4x400m relay are scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 26 at 19:55. Five Polish players can participate in it: Natalia Kazmarek, Aleksandra Formila, Marika Popovic-Drapala, Alicia Rona-Kotrzyba and Patricia Wiszekiewicz-Zwadzka.

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