Rome activates the terms of Nikola Zalosky's contract!  The decision has been made, Becca Nona

in november 2020 Nikola Zalosky signed a contract with Rome By the end of June 2024. Thanks to his good performance in reserve, he was included in the first team and made his debut last season league. Before this year’s championship, he showed himself in the preparatory sparring.

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Roma will extend the contract with Nikola Zalowski

Zalewski has so far made iconic appearances in league (Nine minutes in two games) But Roma believes in him. Proof of this is the extension of the contract of the 19-year-old girl. According to “Sky Sports”, Zalewski’s contract includes a clause that allows him to extend his contract for another year, that is, until 2025. This record is now being activated.

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Nikola Zalowski was born in 2002 in Tivoli, near Rome. Although he has spent all his life in Italy, his parents are Polish. He first picked up the US dollar Zagarolo, spotted by Bruno Conte, the former Roma player and since 2005 the director of the Romanian academy. Last season, he was the biggest star in Roma’s Primavera youth team, coached by Alberto De Rossi, Daniele’s father.

Zalewski also got his first chance at Poland national team. Paulo Sousa Same for the September pool. Zalewski appeared on the field in the San Marino game (7:1). He was also supposed to appear at the training camp in October, but in the end he did not join the team due to a family tragedy. His father passed away at the end of September. “Nicola is unable to be with us, it is a difficult time for him, he must be with his family. We fully support him” – he commented at the time Paulo Sousa.

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