Ski Jumping World Cup.  The Poles are just background again, Wasek’s strange problems

Stefan Kraft is not slowing down. The Austrian won the World Cup Ski Jumping competition in Lillehammer, Norway. This is his fourth victory in the fourth competition of the current series. The best was Poland’s Dawud Kubacki, who finished 22nd. Paweł Wąsek faced unusual problems.

Stefan Kraft He achieved his 34th career victory and reached the 102nd World Cup podium. The 30-year-old is, among others, a two-time Crystal Ball winner. He was the best in the overall classification of the World Cup in the 2016/17 and 2019/20 seasons.

No one has had such a good start to a season since 2007, when Austrian Thomas Morgenstern won the first six competitions.

On Sunday, Kraft didn’t show the longest jumps, but wind bonuses and impeccable technique allowed him to win clearly. The Austrian with 134 and 141.5 m is 5.9 points ahead of the second German Andreas Fellinger – 135 and 143 m, and the third Austrian Jan Hoerl was 6.9 points worse than the winner – 139 and 137.5 m.

Adam Małysz celebrates his birthday on December 3. The former standout jumper, who is now president of the Polish Football Association, had no reason to be complacent, even in the final. David Kubacki I Piotr Sela They performed better than in the first series.

At the halfway point, they were 30th and 29th respectively, the latter two earning promotion. In the end, Kubacki moved up eight places, and Żyła four places to 25th place. In the first series they both jumped 120.5 metres, in the second series Kubaki had 128 metres, and Żyła had 126 metres.

33 did not qualify for the second series. Alexander Zhnichzol 37th edition. Camille Stoch.

I don’t even know what to say. Everyone can see what my jumps look like. I can’t say anything positive about them – said Stoch in front of the Eurosport camera.

while Paul Wasik He did not enter the competition. As reported by the portal, Wąsek did not appear on the starting beam due to a mistake by volunteers who They sent his bag of shoes down the hill.

In the overall World Cup classification, Team Kraft is 130 points ahead of second-place Wellinger. Kubacki is ranked 24th.

Austria leads the tournament in the Nations Cup, ahead of Germany and Slovenia. Poland ranks only eighth.

The next competition will be held in Klingenthal, Germany, on December 9 and 10.

1. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 318.2 bakt (134.0 m/141.5 m)

2. Andreas Fellinger (Germany) 312.3 (135.0/143.0)

3. Jan Hoerl (Austria) 311.3 (139.0/137.5)

4. Karl Geiger (Germany) 308.7 (136.5/139.0)

5. Ryuu Kobayashi (Japan) 299.9 (133.0/143.0)

6. Marius Lindvik (Norway) 298.1 (129.0/138.5)

7. Pius Paschke (Germany) 295.7 (139.0/140.0)

8. Manuel Wittner (Austria) 295.3 (131.0/137.5)

9. Michael Haiboeck (Austria) 294.3 (130.5/139.5)

10. Petr Prevc (Slovenia) 287.8 (125.5/140.0)

22. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) 256.9 (120.5/128.0)

25. Piotr Sela (Poland) 254.6 (120.5/126.0)

33. Aleksander Zneczzul (Poland) 113.0 (116.5)

37. Full Stoch (Poland) 111.3 (118.0)

1- Stefan Kraft (Austria) 400 points

2- Andreas Fellinger (Germany) 270

3. Pius Paschke (Germany) 206

4. Jan Hoerl (Austria) 202

5. Daniel Chovenig (Austria) 161

6. Stefan Leahy (Germany) 158

7. Karl Geiger (Germany) 153

8- Ryuu Kobayashi (Japan) 127

9- Michael Haiboeck (Austria) 104

10. Petr Prevc (Slovenia) 98

24. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) 27

25. Piotr Sela (Poland) 23

33. Pawel Wasek (Poland) 8

40. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 3

1. Austria 981 points

2. Germany 913

3. Slovenia 319

8. Poland 61

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