When will Earth cease to exist?  Humans will die first

According to many scientific theories, the Sun will lead to the end of the Earth. The central star of the solar system will die within a few billion years, and before that it will engulf our planet. However, Live Science experts believe that the human race will become extinct much sooner.

In about 1.3 billion years, due to the natural evolution of the Sun, the Earth will become uninhabitable for most living things. In 4.5 billion years, the Sun will become a red giant and consume the Earth.

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As the Sun continues to die, temperatures on Earth will rise significantly. The ocean will evaporate and the sun’s gravity will tear the Earth apart. In about 1.3 billion years, humans “will no longer be able to survive on Earth” due to persistent hot and humid conditions. In about two billion years, Kopparapu says, the Sun’s brightness will decrease by about 20%. Bigger than now.

Rodolfo Garcia, a doctoral student in astronomy and astrobiology at the University of Washington, believes that humans will become extinct within the next few centuries. The reason will be global warming and rising temperatures across the planet.

Temperatures are expected to exceed 35 degrees in many places in a few years. Temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius will be normal for most parts of the planet.

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