He was arrested for negligence during the Chapecoense disaster.  Hiding in Brazilian football

The woman was arrested Thursday in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Bolivian The judiciary discovered that the flight controller decided to flee to Brazil shortly after the crash. She lived in Corumba. The investigation showed that she had been granted refugee status, proving that she was being persecuted in her home country.

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The flight controller was accused of “breaching airspace security”. Chapecoense players died as a result of the collapse

Brazilian media reported that the Supreme Court had ordered the extradition of a woman accused of “violating airspace security”. According to investigators, the Bolivian woman allowed many negligences — includingin a. Less fuel in the plane before takeoff than is recommended.

“Celia Monasterio’s lawyers have announced legal steps to ensure that their client remains protected and retains her permanent residence in Brazil. The woman is still waiting in Corumba to be returned to Bolivia in accordance with federal police procedures,” correiodopovo.com reads. gate t.

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The plane carrying the team Chapecoense With crew members and journalists, it crashed on November 29, 2016 near Medellin Airport in Rionegro. 71 people died in the accident, and only six survived. The Brazilian national team was scheduled to compete in the final of the Copa Sudamericana with the Colombian side Atlético Nacional.

Chapecoense returns to the Brazilian elite one year after relegation, four years after the plane crash that killed 19 of the team’s players, all coaches and directors. Once again, the joy of the sport will cover the sorrows of the families of the victims who have been left with a sense of injustice: they have relented The insurance companies refused to pay, and the new presidents of the club extended their hands, blaming the pilot who died on the spot”- Written in January of this year by Sport.pl journalist Davut Šimcak.

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