Ski jumping.  PK in Zakopane: Pawel Wasek's victory!

Paweł Wąsek is the winner of the final competition of the Confederations Cup season! The Polish representative was victorious in the hybrid competition over Wilka Krokiv (HS140) in Zakopane after jumping over distances of 135m and 147m, with Clemens Aigner taking second place and Zak Mogel third. Five Whites and Reds won cup points. The winner of the general classification of the series is Austrian Maximilian Ortner.

After the first series, Maximilian Ortner was the lead. The Confederations Cup leader landed at 134 meters and was 6.1 points ahead of Pawel Wasek (135 metres). The third place was taken by Clemens Aigner (134 m), the fourth by Jonas Schuster (133 m) and the fifth – the author of the longest jump Francesco Ciccone (143 m).

The following positions were taken by Francisco Muerth (132 m), Luca Roth (134 m), Sakutaro Kobayashi (133 m) and Zach Mogil (126 m). Markus Eisenbichler (131.5m) rounded out the top ten.

Four other Polish representatives advanced to the final. Klemens Muranka (125.5m) was 14th, Jakub Wolny (120m) was 24th, Tomas Pilch (132.5m) was 28th and Lukasz Lukaszczyk (122m) was 29th.

Marcin Froebel (130.5m) finished 31st ahead of Clemens Juniak (129m). The 34th place was occupied by Jaroslav Krzak (129.5m), followed by Andrzej Stekala (122m), Kakper Tomasiak (128m) and Timothy Amilkiewicz (122m). Kacper Juroszek (120m) was 39th and Adam Niznik (122.5m) was 54th.

The first round of competition was held from the twentieth and eighteenth models.

The final champion was Paweł Wąsek. The Polish actor jumped to a height of 147 meters and won the competition by 3.4 points over Clemens Aigner (144 metres). Zach Mogill was third (141.5m), 21.2 points behind the winner. Maxim Bartolj (145.5m) took fourth place, and midway leader Maximilian Ortner (121.5m) dropped to fifth place.

The following positions were taken by Francisco Cicon (136m), Jonas Schuster (141m), Markus Eisenbichler (139m) and Francisco Muerth (131m). Luca Roth (128m) rounded out the top ten.

Klemens Murańka landed 124 meters in the final series and finished in 16th place. Jakub Wolny (128.5m) was ninth, Tomas Belch (123m) was 28th, and Lukasz Lukaszczyk (122m) was 29th.

The final round was conducted from platforms 18, 17, 16, 15 and 14.

The winner of the general classification of the Confederations Cup for the 2023/2024 season is Maximilian Ortner (1243 points). The Austrian outperformed his compatriots – Jonas Schuster (1195 points) and Francisco Muerth (806 points). The best Polishman, Jakub Wolny (306 points), ranked twenty-first. 104 players were ranked, including fourteen white and red players.

The teams of Austria, Germany and Slovenia won additional starting places for the first period of the 2024 Summer Grand Prix.

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