Polish coal.  Coal deposits in Poland, mining and quantity

Hard coal is a sedimentary rockIt was created as a result of the deposition of plant remains and other organic materials at depths without access to oxygen. The rocks that make up hard coal are flammable, hence they are used as an energy source. on Hard coal formation There are several factors that play a role. they:

  • Geological factors
  • Biochemical factors
  • Geochemical factors
  • Biological factors

Hard coal formation Due to the complexity of the process and the need for appropriate conditions in many factors, it takes a very long time. It is estimated that the world's current deposits of hard coal were formed between 360 and 28 million years BC, and the process of creating the energy raw material itself lasted 60 million years.

History of hard coal in Poland It has been around for centuries which is much longer than other fossil fuels. For example Crude oil in Poland It became important much later. It is estimated that the first hard coal mines established within our present territory came from 17th century. It was then that hard coal mining began Upper Silesia In an open pit mine in Murci (now a district of Katowice).

It was similar abroad – in England, the first coal mines were also built around the 17th century. However, we are talking about open pit mines, which is an easier way to extract coal. Underground mines began to appear in Poland and elsewhere in Europe later, in the 18th century. currently The deepest coal mine in Poland is Budryk in Ornontowice in Silesia. Its depth is about 1.3 km.

At the end of 2021, this was achieved There are approximately 65 billion tons of hard coal in Poland. Geologists say that these are balanced resources, that is, those that can be developed. When it comes to evolution Hard coal deposits in Poland Then it reaches 28 billion tons.

An interesting issue is that How long will Poland have enough hard coal? From private mining. According to the Polish Geological Institute, taking into account all resources, they will be enough in our country 1000 lat. However, there is a condition – which is of course the profitability of mining. Some deposits are located so deep that the difficulties and costs resulting from exploitation outweigh the potential profit. Realistically, Hard coal resources in Poland It will last 40 to 50 years.

Where is hard coal found in Poland? The largest concentrations of this raw material can be found in the south of the country. Several areas have been identified, including the Lublin Coal Basin, the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (including the Upper Silesia Industrial Area) and Lower Silesia – including: near Walbrzych.

Lignite Different from stone. It contains 62% to 75% pure carbon. It was created from plant remains of the Cenozoic era. It comes in two types, Which differs, among other things, the method of extraction. Open-pit lignite mines provide the soft variety, while underground mines provide the hard variety.

Poland's brown coal reserves amount to about 23 billion tons. They are much smaller than in the case of hard coal and, according to current demand, will last up to 20 years – unless new mines are built at other mining sites. Poland's advanced coal resources amount to about one billion tons.

Where is brown coal found in Poland? Brown coal mining in Poland It takes place in four regions – Bełchatów, Lubuskie, Turoszów and Konin-Adamów. Any expansion of production may be impossible. In recent years, attempts have been made to start the process of building new open pit mines, but this has met with significant opposition from many institutions. These types of mines constitute a dangerous interference with the natural environment, leading to its deterioration.

Mix gold and coal It may seem incomprehensible, but the genesis of the matter makes a lot of sense. It is about the value that countries have assigned to this energy resource over many decades. It was (and in many cases still is) the driving force behind industrial economies. It allowed for energy supply as well as trade. So why is coal called black gold?

Because she made a profit – It is valued by the world's economies, and in some cases it was as important as the precious metal Used for example in jewelry. And the colour, well – in this case maybe no explanation is needed.

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