"If necessary, please on your knees."  Vukovi responds to the situation in the Pekka Nonna Corps

A week and a half ago Legia Warsaw lost away Wesla Book 0:1 day round 18 Premier League. For the Polish champions, this was the 12th defeat in the current league season. After the meeting, Marek Gołębiewski, interim coach of the Corps, resigned, and after returning to coach with the team, a group of hooligans attacked.

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The accident happened near the training center laws in Książenice. Hooligans stormed the bus, shouting and hitting the players. They suffered the most in the accident Maher Emreli And Lokenhas.

Both players did not play in the following matches against Zagobi Lubin (4:0) and Radomiak (0:3). According to unofficial information, Emreli was about to leave the legion. Azer was supposed to know about the possibility of terminating the contract due to the club’s faultHowever, there is not much chance of that. There are many indications that the striker will be sold in the winter.

Vukovic received additional compensation. “I’ll tell you frankly.”

This is not the case with Luquinhas. Although his wife posted a very emotional post on social media right after the event, the Brazilian may stay at the club. On Monday, Legia coach Alexander Vukovic, who was a guest in the Legia Talk room on Twitter, pointed out the matter.

Vukovic on Luquinhasie and Emrelim

– I know him and I said what I think. I don’t know what this would look like – I love Luquinhas. I wish he was here at any cost. If necessary, I will order it on my knees – said Vukovich.

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And he added: – I tried to convey to him that he is the favorite of all the people who attend Legia meetings: for the class he gives, but above all for the effort he puts in every match. This is how she is remembered and respected – I believe – by the 99 percent of fans who have Legia in their hearts.

Grzegorz LatoGrzegorz Lato predicts the fate of Legia this season. “no no no!”

– Maher Emreli? I am positively surprised that I met him for the first time. When I looked at him in front of the TV, I was expecting a somewhat conceited man. He surprised me, and left the opposite impression – a man who certainly cannot be called arrogant. It was a very positive conversation. I hope he continues to play our part, but I also am not able to give a clear and unambiguous answer at the moment – Vukovic is finished.

Legia will spend the winter in the Premier League’s relegation zone. After 18 rounds, Vukovic’s team took the penultimate place in the table with 15 points.

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