Ski jumping.  Camille Stoch “turned off” the journalist on TV.  There is a video

Last weekend, two World Cup individual competitions were held in Sapporo. Stefan Kraft, leader of the general classification, achieved the best performance on Saturday. The athlete stood on the top step of the podium for the 39th time, equaling the number of victories achieved by Adam Maesch and Camille Stoch. Although Kraft was the best on the mound, the media attention was focused on someone else. The star of the weekend was Noriaki Kasai, who got the chance to compete in the World Cup competition and, at the age of 51, won a cup point (finishing 30th).

Saturday was also a success for Davut Kubacki. The Pole was in the top 10 for the first time this season. Kamil Stoch, in turn, took twelfth place. After the competition, our hero spoke to the media. From the beginning, one sentence bothered him. TVN's Krzysztof Skórzyński revealed that he noticed Thomas Thurnbichler's player was devastated after his first attempt.

How destroyed am I?” – said our compatriot, and then added – “No, you wanted to interview me, because you were sure that I would not get into the second series. “I said, 'Wait, anything can happen,'” he then shared his feelings after the first competition in Sapporo. “These are not very impressive jumps, but they are very powerful and I also realized that I had to wait until the end on this hill,” the 36-year-old said. “.

Camille Stotch after qualifying in Lake Placid. video/Press materials/Press materials

Camille Stotch couldn't help himself. This is what he told the journalist

On Sunday, the three-time Olympic champion performed worse than on Saturday. The Pole is ranked eighteenth. Despite the result, he was in good spirits. After Okurayama's contest, the competitor again “approached” the journalist who was interviewing him.

“Master Kamel, are you satisfied, especially after the second jump?” – The journalist started the conversation to which our bird reacted immediately. – “And today we have already turned to you?” – asked the athlete with a smile. “I'm just starting to be afraid of you,” the man explained.

Sunday's competition was won by Domain Brivka. The Slovenian won the World Cup for the sixth time in his career, and for the first time in nearly five years. Ryuu Kobaishi, representing the host team, took second place, while Norwegian Christopher Eriksen Sundal took third place.

Now jumpers are enjoying their weekend in Germany. The doubles competition will be held on Friday (02/23) in Oberstdorf, and the individual competitions will be held on Saturday (02/24) and Sunday (02/25).

Camille Stoch/Lukács Kalinowski/Eastern News/East News

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