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Ega Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 7:5

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In the next round, she will face American Świątek Madison Keys (24th WTA) or Latvian Jelena Ostapenko (15th WTA).

Ega شفيwiątek – Sloane Stevens 6:4, 7:5. Game, set and match Świątek! The world ranking leader – 1 hour and 41 minutes into the match – reports to a top sixteen of the WTA 1000 Championships in Cincinnati. I did well!

Iga Šwiatek – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 6:5. Swiatek won the match to zero. The American is going to stay in the game.

Ega Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 5:5. Stephens led for a tie. The American presented herself very well under the pressure of the result. I wonder if he’ll be able to continue his awesome actions at the end of this game.

Iga Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 5:4. Unfortunately, we have a breakthrough. Stevens had nothing to lose, I played this game very boldly, which paid off.

Ega Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 5:3. Stephens won the match with 15, but Bulka would serve in an instant to win.

Iga Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 5:2. Polka won the match to zero and is one step closer to reaching the 1/8 finals.

Ega Švetik – Sloane Stevens 6:4, 4:2. A break! It was by far the best gem in the game. Both players played at a very high level, the same hands clapping. The Pole, who had two matches already, kept even more cool.

Here is one of Stevens’ best moves from Wednesday’s game:

Ega Švetik – Sloane Stevens 6:4, 3:2. Another gem tied in this match. Swiatek was on the verge of losing her own app again, but this time she was saved by a superb shot driver. Polka is in the lead again.

IGA Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 2:2. Fast break. This time Iga was the overwhelming party. She must have been making deals from the depths of court, to which Stevens could find no answer.

Iga Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 1:2. She was the tallest gem of the bunch. Still, the American retained more cold-bloodedness, breaking out of her rivalry and taking the lead 2:1.

Iga Švetik – Sloane Stephens 6:4, 1:1. It is a pity for the missed opportunities of Polish women. Švetik for break points, but the American defended herself well in a tough situation and we’re even in the second set.

IGA Švetik – Sloane Stevens 6:4, 1:0. Big opening for schweteke’s second set. The 21-year-old won the “dry” game, that is, to zero.

We start the second match. It serves Christmas.

Iga Schwietic – Sloane Stephens 6: 4. Set for a Polish woman! Raczynska’s great game at defining moments. Swiatek has separated her opponent on the court and is closer to being promoted to the next round.

Iga Šwietik – Sloane Stevens 5: 4. An important gem for a Polish woman. Swiatek was already losing at 15:30, but showed in three consecutive exchanges ranked, as befits the leader of the rankings.

Ega Švetik – Sloane Stevens 4: 4. And we already have a tie. The American presents herself on the field with more confidence and does not make as many mistakes as she did at the beginning of the game. An interesting ending to the first installment awaits us.

Ega Švetik – Sloane Stevens 4:3. Unfortunately, Stevens returns to the game with this set. Swiatek was on the defensive from the start, and the match ended in a double fault, on day two.

Ega Schwetek – Sloane Stevens 4:2. Now a good gem made by Americans. Stevens played hard, did not make many mistakes, which brought her tangible benefits.

Among the greatest matches that the Polish women played in the first stage of the match:

Ega Šwietik – Sloane Stevens 4:1. It was a very difficult gem for a Polish woman. Swiatek had to defend two break points, but in the crucial moments her backhand worked perfectly.

Iga Schwetek – Sloane Stevens 3:1. A great gem from Iga and we have another hack! Swiatek was already losing 0:30, but has since been flawless and won four more exchanges.

Iga Švetik – Sloane Stephens 2: 1. Unfortunately, the contender quickly broke the leader of the world ranking. Stevens got three points for a break, saved the first two, but on the third threw the ball into the car.

Iga Schwetek – Sloane Stevens 2: 0. There is the first hack! The Polish woman has been playing hard since the start of the match, and the American has been making many easy mistakes so far.

Iga Šwietik – Sloane Stevens 1:0. Good opening for Polish women. Raszynianka was already leading 40: 0, and the American scored two more points, but could not stand it any more. The match ended with a simple mistake by the host representative.

Let’s Begin! The first serves Świątek.

The warm-up is underway, and the meeting will begin in a few minutes:

Who is Świątek’s competitor?

In the first round, Raczynski had a “bye,” and Stevens beat French Alize Cornet 6:1, 6:0.

Świątek and Stephens will face Cincinnati for the first time in their careers.

The Polish and American woman must appear in court within a few minutes.

We welcome all tennis fans. Today, after 22.00, Iga Świątek will begin competing in the WTA Tour Championships in Cincinnati. Her first opponent will be American Sloane Stephens (57th WTA). We invite you to our report.

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