Centimeters of tragedy.  Irina Camelia Peugeot lost service and threw a missile into the stands [WIDEO] Tennis

Thursday in the second round French Open Irina Camelia Peugeot (63. In this) faced Ekaterina Aleksandrowa (31. In this). In the third set, the Roman did not perform well and Game It was getting out of control. The tennis player decided to get rid of frustration in the worst possible way.

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Reprehensible behavior of Peugeot. The Romanian woman almost hit the child with a missile

Irina Camelia Peugeot Having lost service, she threw the missile to the ground, which unfortunately bounced back and fell onto the stands. The Romanian woman accidentally bumped a very frightened child and began to cry. The assembled fans were concerned about the situation and were clearly unhappy with Romania’s behavior, which could lead to tragedy. The referee interrupted the match and called the supervisor to make sure the boy was okay. The tennis player apparently regretted her decision and stood near the comforting young man fan.

Irina Camelia Bijou was punished with a warning for her unsportsmanlike behavior. Fortunately, there was only a moment of fear, and in the end nothing serious happened to the child. distance match Romanian I posed for a photo shoot with a little fan.

It is clear that Jose Moron did not like what the tennis player did. A Spanish journalist criticized Peugeot and described its behavior as disgraceful. Alexandro was also upset, throwing the ball out of the field asking “Can I do that too?”

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Despite the long delay, Irina Camelia Peugeot managed to win the third set and on aggregate match Defeat of Alexander 2:1 (6:7, 6:3, 6:4). In the next round, he will face Romanian Yulia Gangin (#221 in the WTA), who unexpectedly beat Carolina Plisqua (8th WTA) 2:0 (6:2, 6:2).

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