Simple activities that even elementary school students can solve.  Test yourself on the test

Mathematics is a science that provides the tools necessary for obtaining accurate conclusions from accepted assumptions, and thus regarding the validity of reasoning. Its scope is wide and constantly expanding – this is what one definition tells us.

Test yourself on the quiz: simple multiplication operations that may be difficult for some people

In practice, most of us associate it with a school subject that some love and others hate. Mathematics permeates our daily lives, so everyone needs to know the basics. However, as it turns out, sometimes the simplest equations become a problem for many people. Test your knowledge in our quiz below.

A quick multiplication table quiz. Do not use a calculator

Paradoxically, primary school students can solve the tasks easily, while adults may need more time to find the correct solution. Below are some additional tasks.

These tasks are solved by primary school students, but adults may have problems with them. Check yourself!

Question 1 of 4


Listen on speakerphone.

Vicki Gabor on school and grades – Math is the hardest

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