Sikorsky scared Putin.  “We can do something you don't expect.”

Radoslaw Sikorski He was asked, among other things, about the evolution of France's position since the beginning
War in UkraineWhen President Emmanuel Macron wanted mediation, even his recent statements in which he did not rule out sending troops to help Ukraine
NATO. – We all tried to make Russia behave according to certain rules. […] I think that in the run-up to the war and for a period after it broke out, President Macron hoped that Putin would be rational and make rational calculations based on his interests. The head of Polish diplomacy said that France could play the role of mediator. “In the end, he had to decide that it was hopeless that this man would not keep his word,” he added.

Sikorsky to Putin: We can also do something unexpected

President Macron accepted our point of view
Put it in It retreats only when it encounters effective resistance. […] The Foreign Minister said: I think that Macron decided to abandon a certain traditional approach, which assumes that what is not revealed to Putin is revealed to him, which gives him the freedom to shape the situation to his advantage.

Instead, Macron wants Putin to worry about what we will do to him. And we can do something he doesn't expect. We, not Putin, are the ones who control the so-called ladder of escalation. He explained that I completely agree with this approach.

“Putin must take into account the years of guerrilla warfare.”

Sikorsky explained that Vladimir Putin is not only fighting the Ukrainians, but his opponent is the vast Ukrainian space as well. The area of ​​Ukraine is twice the size of Poland, and the distances between cities are enormous. […] He added that if Russia wanted to control such a large area, it would need a very large number of soldiers.

In his opinion, the Ukrainians have shown Putin that they are a separate nation and do not want to live under his rule, so even if the front collapses, which is unlikely, Putin will have to take into account years of guerrilla warfare. Let us remember how strong the resistance was by the Ukrainian revolutionaries against the Bolsheviks during the Civil War. […] He recalls that after World War II, Ukrainian revolutionaries worked until the 1950s.

– If Putin is allowed to invade Ukraine, he will not stop there. Stopping Putin would then be more difficult, Sikorsky said, because Russia would then have industrial and human resources at its disposal. – However, to strengthen Europe, America will have to use more resources and more people. This is not a desirable scenario. Therefore – as we have made clear in the United States – Putin must be stopped in Ukraine, he stressed.

Source: Radio ZET/Gazeta Wyborcza

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