The Russians lost an entire regiment.  These soldiers were elite - o2

Military journalist Roman Simbalyuk reported the destruction of the entire Parachute Regiment. As he said, it is a paratrooper regiment from the city of Kostroma in Russia. The Ukrainians managed to completely eliminate him in two skirmishes.

The paratroopers crashed twice

After the first meeting with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about 15 percent of the entire regiment remained. About 70 soldiers survived the fighting.

The command of the Russian armed forces, however, could not calm down and decided to end the entire regiment by sending others on the offensive, the journalist reported.

Then the Ukrainian forces crushed the rest of the soldiers of this unit. As Simbalyuk asserts, it is the 331st Parachute Regiment of Military Unit 71211 in Kostroma, Russia. The soldiers belong to the 98th Airborne Division.

‘Putin overestimated their capabilities’

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Herashchenko, confirmed that during the five months of the war, the 45,000 Russian Airborne Forces lost several thousand soldiers in Ukraine, although they were the most trained and prepared to fight the militants. .

The elite forces of the Russian Federation proved ineffective in the war with Ukraine. The situation with the Airborne Forces once again shows that Putin overestimated their capabilities, as well as the capabilities of the Russian army in general. This is evident from the change of commanders during the war, Heraszenko asserts.

Russian losses during the day

According to Ukrainian data, the number of losses of Russian forces in Ukraine during the past 24 hours has reached 300 people. In total, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians have lost more than 42.6 thousand. People – said the staff in a Facebook message. “The opponent suffered the largest losses in the Donetsk direction” – the statement reads.

According to the figures provided by the Ukrainian side, the Russian army lost its tanks as of February 24, 1817, 4,076 armored vehicles, 964 artillery systems, 261 multiple rocket launchers, 133 air defense systems, 223 aircraft, 193 helicopters, 185 cruise missiles, 757 drones and 15 watercraft.

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