Shocking audit results at a state-owned company.  15 additional salaries

The audit conducted at the company shows that special annexes have been introduced to employment contracts. The measure was described on social media by Deputy Infrastructure Minister Arkadiusz Marchuka.

“In Polska Żegluga Bałtycka SA, just before the elections, there was a massive change in employment contracts. Why? Not to do anything, but to earn money. In the event of dismissal, management employees and selected employees were provided with additional benefits in the amount of 15 monthly salaries,” he writes. The politician.

He explains that changes in employment contracts result in the company being charged an amount of more than PLN 2 million. After scrutiny, the Deputy Minister ordered the suspension of these payments.

“Rzeczpospolita” explains that in the annexes there was a clause stating this The notice period has been extended to 6 months, Without committing to work. This is what I've come to Compensation amounting to 6 times the salary. The text relating to the non-competition clause also disappeared. As a result, in the event of dismissal, Each CEO will receive 15 additional checks.

Continued article below the video

Audits are also being conducted at other state-owned companies – the preliminary results of the audits conducted have shown this State-owned maritime companies attempted to provide political prey for former government activists – Minister Marchuka revealed to “Rzeczpospolita”.

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