Consequences of Princess Kate photoshopped photo scandal, according to monarchy expert

A photo posted by Princess Kate has sparked controversy in the UK and the rest of the world since Sunday.

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Many have pointed out the changes made to the actual health of Prince William's wife.

However, according to Estelle Boutilier, an expert on the British monarchy, the release of the photo may be intended to quell the many rumors surrounding Princess Kate's health.

“They took the photo and they didn't like it. Maybe they shouldn't have released anything, but they took this step to really try to calm public opinion and the crazy theories that are currently circulating,” he explains.

However, Ms.

“The only thing they have left private is their health,” declares an expert on the British monarchy.

However, the latter is concerned that the royal family is closing in on itself following this story.

“What I'm afraid of is that with this controversy, they'll say: 'Well, we're going to broadcast our images even less. It's going to be restricted to a limited number of photographers, and that's it. For special occasions and nothing outside of that.' People will lose out in the long run,” he says.

Watch the video above to watch the full interview.

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