March 22, 2023


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Wirtualna Polska - Everything is important

Wirtualna Polska – Everything is important

The price of the energy supply contract on the Polish Energy Exchange was 465.70 PLN per MWh in September. In August it was much cheaper – PLN 383.42. A year ago, the cost of energy was about PLN 244. During this time, it rose almost twice.

If you look at the price of energy at the beginning of the epidemic, in the spring of 2020, wholesale electricity tripled. At that time, the cost of a megawatt hour was about 150 PLN. As noted by, such a significant increase in electricity prices in Poland has not yet occurred. This is the absolute record.

Why is electricity so expensive?

Since the beginning of 2021, prices for carbon dioxide emissions allowances have increased by several tens of percent. In June, they cost more than 50 euros per ton. At the beginning of September, the price of allotments sold by Poland exceeded 61 euros.

Electricity prices will rise in 2022. “PiS lost 6 years”

This is one of the elements that affect the price of energy. For example, coal becomes more expensive. And this is in Poland, more than 70%. The production of electricity comes from coal, it cannot be cheap.

Electricity from Polish power plants is becoming more expensive So we import them more often from countries that use zero emission energy sources to a greater extent than Poland. Currently, 10 per cent. We buy electricity abroad.

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