"She's almost an Anka"

to share Oliwia Bieniuk NS “Dancing with the stars“She stirs up a lot of emotions in the entertainment media. In the first episode of the show, the daughter Anna Przybylska She and her dance partner Michał Bartkiewicz finally introduced themselves. They danced Cha Cha on the dance floor, and got 28 points. He did not hide his emotions Andrzej PiasecznyWhich, judging by the teenager, made her understand how much he reminded him Ann Brzybylsk ±. In an interview with our correspondent, the singer explained exactly what he meant.

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Andrzej Piaseczny melts over Bieniuk and remembers Przybylska: You have no right to know Anka

Andrzej Piaseczny about Oliwia Bieniuk’s resemblance to her mother

When Piaseczny was asked if he saw her mother when he looked at Olivia, he answered unequivocally. We would like to remind you that the late singer and actress played together in the series “Złotopolscy” for more than 11 years. The teenager in particular reminds him of Anna Przybylska in the most spontaneous reactions, which – he claims – television viewers do not have the right to know. singer he addedIt supports Priority and wishes her the longest adventure with the program.

Anyone who remembers Anka can see that Oliwia is almost a copy. Especially in these spontaneous cups, all kinds of reactions. Anki’s state had no right to know and be remembered. For me, just looking at Oliwa today brings so many memories. I hope Oliwia survives until the end (Program – Editor) – told Andrzej Piaseczny Gossip.

We would like to remind you that Oluya Penyuk commented on what Pyaseczny said when evaluating the performance of the teenager..

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Is it because of the intimate relationship with Anna Przybylska, Andrzej Piaseczny Feel like an uncle to Oliuya Penyuk? How would you rate her decisions to enter the world of show business? You will learn the answers to these questions by watching the video above.

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