The whole world was talking about the death of the actress.  I didn’t live to see the success of “In a Triangle.”

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The Deauville American Film Festival drew crowds of moviegoers. However, the tenth muse celebration had a bittersweet aftertaste. Eight days before Robin Ostlund’s crazy work was to be shown, tragedy struck. The actress who played one of the main roles passed away in a New York hospital. Everyone wondered how it was possible for a young girl full of energy to leave so suddenly.

It took four months to get an answer. Then a spokesperson for the New York Medical Examiner spoke. He said in an interview with People magazine: The cause of the sudden death of Charlbi Dean It was bacterial sepsis, which developed as a complication following surgery to remove the splenium. The actress was infected with a bacteria known as Capnocytophaga, which is transmitted by dogs and cats.

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“Actually, my name is Kelly, but when I was six, my mom started calling me Kelly Dean because she was obsessed with James Dean,” she revealed. Later, the father, inspired by the sound of the name Shelby, a character from “Steel Magnolias”, actually named her daughter “Sharlby”. Some can’t help but feel like the actress would have had a short life.

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Charlby was born and raised in Cape Town, but as a divorced child, she did not have a stable home. Once she spent time with her mother, once with her father. “That’s why I didn’t have a certain group of friends, and most of the time I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere,” she told The Glass Magazine.

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