She went to the PKO BP branch to check herself with mDowod and…didn’t arrange anything

“Customers of PKO Polski Bank can now confirm their identity using mID,” the slogan of the message sent to everyone on Tuesday is incorrect. Unless the authors have in mind some customers and/or some subsidiaries and/or understood verification separately from the possibility of dealing with banking matters after such verification. An early start at PKO BP is more of a PR move than a turnkey solution, as one of our editors found out the hard way.

Big change (but not this time)

The planned target form of mObywatel 2.0, which Minister Janusz Czyzinski spoke about in the spring, deserves support. Although some deadlines have been postponed, the assumptions are correct, and citizens are sure to benefit from the digitization that is also advancing in government services.

Among the promises made by the Head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs is the possibility of verifying identity in the branches with the “mobile” identification number in the aforementioned application. All institutions were supposed to be ready for this on September 1 of this year. The largest banks decided to get out of line Already today, August 29, the readiness and implementation of the new option was announced.

“Clients of PKO Bank Polski can now confirm their data using the mID when visiting bank branches. The bank offers this solution a few days before the legal deadline of September 1, when the bank’s clients will be able to use the mID,” We read in the statement issued on Tuesday morning by the press office of PKO BP.

Not without a doubt, we went to one of the local branches of PKO BP to experience a new quality.

It doesn’t work for me

“It’s always nice for me to have an experience like this,” remarks a Wroclaw Bank employee to her colleagues, who may have been the first to meet a customer without ID, but with mObywatel 2.0 at the ready.

The customer is logged into the application, the “Confirm your data” option is selected (You should know that the application – according to the previous assumptions – promises the correct operation of this function only from September 1; but we saw the message of PKO BP today), QR code reader returned the ball from side of the bank employee.

As per the instructions, a QR code is generated in the system, which the customer has to scan to provide the bank with his data.

What worked while checking mDowodem in PKO BP:

  • generate qr code,
  • And display it on the tablet used by the customer,
  • Scan the QR code using the mObywatel 2.0 application,
  • send data to the bank,
  • Receive customer data in electronic form.

What happened:

  • Moving from identity verification to more activities in banking systems.

So you could say that the truth is (yeah, yeah) a half-truth. Yes, it was possible to verify the customer’s identity using the mObywatel app only. However, excitement at this stage is premature if verification is to be followed by further handling of matters at the bank.

Meanwhile, even though the employee saw the customer data on her screen, the verification procedure itself worked, she said – She couldn’t do anything else after that“He had no choice.” As a result, it was impossible to even question the customer’s data or check the status of his account.

We’ve asked the press office for comment, and we’ll post it when it’s available. And on the first of September we will return to the facilities.

We are also waiting for your first experiences with mDowodem in banks. We are waiting for orders at: [email protected].


Malwina Rutniak

Chief Editor of

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