Here’s what we thought of Celine Dion’s controversial new autobiography

A highly controversial unauthorized biography, Tell me Celine Written by Laurence Gatineaut-Groste, which has just been published in France and will be in Quebec bookstores in a few days, it is full of words and anecdotes. Despite its flaws and the biographer’s “big” lie, the book allows us to learn a little more about Charlemagne’s diva.

Even before its release, the biography was subject to controversy.

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Laurence Gatineaut-Groste made an unforgivable mistake by telling the French media Dispatch Conducted lengthy interviews with Celine Dion to write her book. This claim is false: the biographer did not speak to Celine Dion. In the process, his teacher was forced to refute the biographer’s claims.

However, Laurence Gatineaut-Grost has produced a quality work. She had no need to make such a comment. She certainly didn’t measure up to the extent of the lie. This unfortunate innocence strips credibility from Celine Dion’s biography to such an extent that one wonders about the veracity of some revelations about her.

This is particularly significant when we note that there are already a good dozen uncredited biographies of Celine Dion, mostly by French writers who don’t make much noise. However, this is still one that, in my opinion, is better documented than most.


Presented in an intimate way, we must recognize that this biography is interesting and well written, and that it allows us to learn new things despite everything we have read about Celine over the decades. In addition, due to the many references, everything suggests that the research was well done.

In retained events, we are delighted to learn that Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort, is a relative of Celine. They are ninth cousins, according to an author who created a family tree of Celine’s ancestors in the 1700s. Otherwise, several cases are known.

However, the author underlines the different ways Rene Angelil does it, which will surprise many.

The author writes with great respect and admiration for Celine Dion, and compares her to singer Maria Callas on several occasions, especially for her love and need to sing.

in illness

More than once people close to Celine, including her sister Claudette, tried to minimize Celine’s illness. Difficult Person Syndrome (Severe Person Syndrome) forced her to cancel the shows, according to the author, we realize that her health issues may be more serious than what initially suggested surrounding the diva.

To find out more, the author consulted American experts, particularly the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, which describes the syndrome as a rare neurological disorder that exhibits characteristics of an autoimmune disease such as noise, touch and emotional distress that can trigger muscle spasms in the legs, arms, back and even the face. Sensitivity to stimuli.

It is a chronic disease and currently incurable. However, some symptoms can be treated with anesthetics, muscle relaxants and steroids.

The author also received information from Julian Cavanagh, a neurologist specializing in autoimmune diseases in Boston. This disease causes the immune system, which normally protects us from viruses and bacteria, to turn against the person and begin attacking the fine structures of the central nervous system that govern muscle relaxation.

According to the author, Celine, who, as we know, was capable of fighting, preferred to treat herself by choosing myorelaxants (muscle relaxants), which Dr.R Jill R. Schofield is an officer who works at the Multi-System Disease Center in Colorado.

Celine restricts herself to an anti-inflammatory diet, does regular physical activity, devotes herself to breathing techniques and works with a physiotherapist, mainly meditating to reduce stress.

One thing is for sure, Celine, in the shadows today, is showing great courage, not making any effort, getting out of it and doing everything possible to get back on stage one day.

♦ On sale in Quebec from September 11.

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