She rebelled against the queen's custom and began to wear the forbidden color.  Princess Diana also created a new tradition

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Princess Diana got a paid job before she got engaged to Prince Charles

Despite the fact that father Princess Diana It was a number, she used to go to work as a little girl. She was a nanny and teacher in a kindergarten in London. This made her the first princess bride to get a paid job prior to the engagement.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles Photonews Scotland / Rex Feature / East News

She chose an engagement ring from a jeweler

Lady Di’s engagement ring is one of the most famous adornments in history. However, it was not chosen according to the tradition in which it should be made at the special request of the royal family. Diana chose a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds from the Garrard & Co. catalog. According to the will of the Duchess, the ring was inherited by the eldest son, Prince William. His wife is carrying it now.

Princess Diana, Prince WilliamPrincess Diana, Prince William Hussein Anwar / Siba / Sharq News

I was born in the hospital

King’s grandchildren came ¶wiat in the palace. It was changed by Princess Diana, who decided to have her first child in St. Marie. When she came home with Prince CharlesShe introduced her son to the world, thus starting a new tradition. Princess Kate And Prince William followed in her footsteps.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Prince WilliamPrincess Diana, Prince Charles, Prince William Rex Features / East News

Mrs. Di chose not to wear hats and gloves, but she was wearing black

The inseparable elements of Queen Elizabeth II’s design are a hat and gloves. Princess Diana refused to wear this additives. Ellery Lynn, curator dedicated to Lady Di’s style, explained in an interview with People, the Duchess’ decision.

She has abandoned the royal protocol of wearing gloves because she likes to hold hands when visiting people or shaking hands and direct contact. She also stopped wearing hats because she said, “You can’t hug a kid in a hat.”

Diana also wore black, which until her appearance in the royal family was only for mourning.

Princess DianaPrincess Diana WOJTEK LASKI / East News

She sent the children to a public school and wanted them to lead a normal life

Thanks to my mother’s decision, Prince William became the first heir to the British throne to attend a public school. In addition to going to school with children of non-royal backgrounds, Princess Diana made sure her children experienced things that would give them a feeling of a “normal” childhood. I took William and Hariju To amusement parks or McDonald’s restaurants.

Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince HarryPrincess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry Cassidy and Lee / Rex Features / East News

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