A breakdown at ING Bank Śląski - problems logging in to the account, Blik . payments

ING Śląski Bank informed its clients of the failure on Monday. “We had problems with the operation of our online banking and mobile application,” the bank wrote in a press release. He added that at 19.30 all the functionality of the application was restored.

A collapse in ING Śląski . bank

ING Bank Śląski wrote in a statement: “From 16.50 to 19.30 we encountered problems operating online banking and the Moje ING mobile application. We confirm that all functions of Moje ING are working properly.”

The bank explained that during the failure there were problems with: – login to banking services and the mobile application, – BLIK and card payments were confirmed online with a one-time SMS code (3D Secure), – cash deposit machines, – access to the ING Makler unit.

Card Payments

As it was added, card payments in stores, withdrawals from ATMs and basic functions of the simplified version of banking (checking balances and transfers) were successful.

ING About the hotline and the simplified version of the system

Earlier, the bank informed customers that “because of the many phone calls, it is difficult to reach the hotline.” “Please be patient and check the information on our website” – he pleaded.

In turn, on 18.15 ING Śląski Bank announced that “login to the simplified version of the system works, where you can check the balance or request a transfer.” in a. At 7 p.m., the bank informed that CDM devices could be restored.

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