And that way - is it worth watching the new Sex and the City movie? [RECENZJA]

Former fans of “Sex and the City” were waiting for the premiere of “And just like that”, but without hope for anything more than films – absolutely terrible. how did you find it? We review the first episodes. spoilers!

whether, if”Sex and the City“Without Samantha any sense – would he just be sad” in the big city? Sarah Jessica ParkerAnd Cynthia Nixon I Kristen Davis He will return in a continuation to the iconic HBO series titled “Just like this“, But Kim Cattrall She has already signed out of this company.

And that’s how it all starts with an emotional bomb

The fact that Samantha was my favorite was just one of the reasons I didn’t particularly look forward to this comeback or expect anything major from it. Fashion leaks from the group predicted a disaster. The trailer did not indicate that the new “Sex and the City” movie would have anything like a plot. And the idea of ​​u200bu200bsqueezing such a famous brand as a lemon, already spoiled by three blank, plastic and painfully vulgar films, did not appeal to me very much. Want to talk about a 50-year-old woman from New York? There is no shortage of characters fresher than Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte.

The first two episodes, available at HBO GOMaybe they didn’t quite convince me that we needed this comeback, but they also made me say carefully: Yes, it’s good that these heroines are back and I want to keep watching them anyway. At least to some extent, this is due to the emotional bomb that fell on viewers at the end of episode one and how the show deals with it in episode two. Carrie’s life changes “just like that” in a split second, and I’m curious about what’s next. Showrunner Michael Patrick King decided to hit it hard on Good Morning and while we don’t know what’s going to happen, it has to be admitted that this premiere has feelings and is kind of honest.

“And this way” (Image: HBO Max)

Just like in the best of times, “Sex and the City” once again combines real vibes with a bit of laughter and presents it in a very elegant setting. Little Black Dress looks great, has a hint of farce and is on screen from the first minute to the last minute, no doubt a strong incentive to stay with Carrie for at least eight weeks. Regardless of all the mistakes the show might make – and will do – in the meantime.

And just like that, it evokes mixed feelings

Because it is undeniable that this double-show is accompanied by mixed feelings, and after the first scene in which the “Sweet pandemic” meets fan theories about Samantha in the meta version, you want to stop the series. It’s unnatural – as if the writers are just learning to write and the actresses aren’t used to being together again. Plus, the fashion choices in the first scene are some of the least fortunate in the entire premiere – Patricia Field has been replaced by former co-star Rebecca Weinberg and it shows. We are watching the work of someone who tried to imitate a completely unique style. It looks better than the selected photos, but still – this is not a successful update of the old style of the three ladies.

The same can be said about their behavior, which in the first episodes does not always coincide with the characters we remember from the original. Apparently, it’s been ten years or so, as in the second movie, they’ve all lost their minds, but nonetheless, there are times when something is messing around in a behavior, especially Miranda and Charlotte.

And just like this – Sex and the City all over again

“And this way” is trying so hard to show that the world has progressed and that our heroes aren’t necessarily keeping up. Whereas the original was a silly white streak – New York has always been a melting pot of nations – now the scales are tilting to the other side. Michael Patrick King and the racially and age-diverse screenwriting team try to introduce us to the new Sex and the City for a new time. Or atone for the many sins the original committed, if you prefer.

I just checked the reviews

“And this way” (Image: HBO Max)

These threads abound – from the non-binary character Chi Diaz (Sarah Ramirez), who runs a talk-show about sex, to Miranda and her ridiculous attempts to fit in with reality, when we are so afraid to offend anyone that we nervously spit out sentences, and as a result, insult everything and everyone. , even Charlotte and her new friend/idol played by Nicole Ari Parker (“Chicago PD). All this isn’t very accurate, but it also shows that the creators of “Just Like This” realize that the heroes of the movie. Sex and the City” would be dinosaurs in the modern world if they didn’t They change a little. So we watch them trying to move on, fully aware that they are no longer like that. Fabulous.

At the turn of the 20th century, the way they exercised their freedom, a woman’s right to do what she wanted and not apologize for anything, was inspiring. But the times have passed since then. What was once considered feminist in Sex and the City can be seen in reverse today. After the first two episodes of “And just like that,” I get the impression that the creators aren’t unconscious of how badly “Sex and the City” has progressed and how its protagonists stand out from today’s feminist standards. I’m curious how they’ll continue to deal with this shaky floor – yet Carrie’s vulnerable moment, laughing awkwardly during open, unassuming conversations about sex, has hurt me more than Miranda’s exaggerated conflict with Nia (Karen Bateman, “Luke Cage”). Did she really live in such a bubble that she could act like this when she saw a younger black professor? Oh well…

And in this way – is the series worth watching?

Two episodes aren’t enough to fully and honestly evaluate “And Just Like That”, but they’re enough to say: it’s better than I expected. After the first turmoil, the series relives its old charm and efficiently combines a familiar tone with a performance of reality that imposes a minimum of self-reflection on the seemingly old-fashioned characters in the backdrop of young New Yorkers. Aside from the disastrous opening scene, the dialogues are light, fun, and decently written, as the actresses quickly reintroduce Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. Old chemistry and emotions return, and episode two makes it clear that combining comedy and emotions isn’t an issue either in the new version of “Sex and the City.”

I just checked the reviews

“And this way” (Image: HBO Max)

Do we really need this return? number. It was good to think that Carrie and Mr. The Big (Chris Noth) lives happily ever after in a world where Saturday brunch – necessarily with Samantha – is a must, but no pandemic hits him. But the fact that “simply” was able to choose a more difficult solution at first and move the audience honestly does not bode well for the future. It’s nice to see the heroines come back, and since they’re there, they just might stay that way. Through thick and thin – or if you prefer, at least for a few seasons.

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