Jane Fonda: The director wanted to see what an orgasm looked like
The famous American actress Jane Fonda (Klute, The Shoot Horses, Don’t They, Homecoming) revealed the name of the French director who wanted to sleep under the pretext of preparing for a role in his movie.

Jane Fonda on the accident involving the French director

Jane Fonda appeared on Watch What Happens Live Host Andy Cohen asked her to name a man in Hollywood who tried to hit on her, but she refused.

French director Rene ClementFonda replied without hesitation. He wanted to sleep with me. He said my character would have an orgasm scene in the movie and he needed to see orgasms. But he said it in French and I pretended I didn’t understand.

Fonda is referring to the 1964 film Cats, which was her first French production. At the time of its release, Clement was 51 years old and she was 27 years old.

We are currently watching the actress in the comedy “Book Club. The Next Chapter”:

Who is René Clement?

Rene Clement is a French director who died in 1996. He has been awarded several times, for example. at the Cannes and Venice festivals. His film Forbidden Games (1952) won, among others, the Golden Lion in Venice, a special Oscar and a BAFTA award. In addition, his filmography includes The Battle of the Rails (1946), The Damned (1947), The Walls of Malapaga (1949), The Glass Castle (1950) and In High Sun (1960).

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