She gave her soul, but they wanted her to “give up her body.”  The Polish actress disappeared

  • Jolanta Petek was born on October 18, 1963 in Radom. I moved to Warsaw to study. I graduated from PWST in 1986.
  • For many years it was associated with Warsaw contemporary theatre. She played, among others, in “Kill Me Cop”, “Decalogue IX” and “Lava”.
  • She gave up acting when she was expected to show off her body. Today he runs a luxury hotel in the heart of Masuria
  • More information can be found on the Onet home page

She disappeared somewhere. I met her once in Constantin, we hugged each other warmly, and she was traveling abroad. It happens in our country that an actress comes along who might earn millions of dollars in France or America, but somewhere in our country, life gets her down. said Tadeusz Konecki more than a decade after the premiere of “Lava.”

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