Bayer Jubilee Complete Concert.  There is only one disco polo emperor

  • The concert was held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Beer Fool on October 19 at the House of Music and Dance in Zberzi.
  • The stage was marked by disco polo musicians performing Beer Fool songs
  • During the concert, the kidnapping of Świerzyński’s son from 2014. “I lost my sight, my wife turned gray” – said the singer
  • The group’s “Chinese career” was also mentioned, and Świerzyński himself sang part of his success in a special edition.
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Polish television has been betting on disco polo for several years. Therefore, no one should be surprised that it was decided to lavishly celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Beer Fall with a concert that lasted more than two hours. We would like to remind you that Sławomir Świerzyński often visited Woronicza as an expert on “everything”, offering more or less controversial advice and opinions. He was the one who claimed it Coal mining must stop when coal runs out, “LGBT is the beginning of child sexual abuse” and when Andrei Duda begins with this “honey drips from his mouth”.. And while the fourth wave of coronavirus is currently underway, the fun on TVP was in full swing, and only a handful of the audience wore masks.

40th Anniversary of Beyer Bean in Telewizja Polska

Recently, Bayer Full appeared in the media due to the controversy over plagiarism, copyright theft and the strange myth of the band’s career in China, which turned out to be a big lie. “There was a rumor in Poland for several years that Beer Bean had a hit in China. I read about a contract for 67 million albums. After all, I lived in Shanghai and I’ve never heard of such success here” – said Beer -a well-known Polish vlogger who lives in China in an interview with Onet Truszczyńska.

Despite all the hoaxes, controversies and shocking statements by Świerzyński, it cannot be ignored that the band he founded is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The TVP party began with leader Bayer Full’s performance of “Life is life” with Herwig Rüdisser, vocalist of the Opus group. Although the Austrian group has nothing to do with the “Emperor of Disco Polo”. Moments later, Katarzyna Sichubek and Alexander Sikora greeted the spectators and audience. “Bayer Full is a legend on the music scene, and the Poles have had a great time with their music for four decades” – said the star “M jak miłość” and asked Świerzyński’s few-year-old granddaughter to give him flowers.

Photo: Podlewski/AKPA

40th Anniversary of Bayer Bean on TVP

Siruki recalls Bayer Fall concerts

The first stars to appear on the stage were disco queen Polo Shaza and her friend Tomasz Szamporski, who once ran “Disco Relax”. The couple boldly sang “Serca Dwa” from the tape, just like Patrycja Runo’s “Janeczka gypsy”. It was decided to intertwine the performances with memories from the life of the Bayer Fall captain, which is why the time he was living in a girls’ boarding school was mentioned and Mrs. Magorzata, who was the musician’s first love, was visited. Then the “Emperor of Disco Polo” performed “Blondy” and “Szalny Blonditchki” with Marcin Miller of the boy band.

“Sławomir Świerzyński is not only very professional, but also a great leader. He can control the crowd. I remember such concerts in Spodek, where it is reported that several thousand people attended. There were no tickets. I made a great impression. You can like it or not You like this music, but you can also like it. When a crowd of over ten thousand sings your music, it trembles,” said Marek Cirocki in the recording prepared for the Jubilee Concert.

“I lost my sight, my wife turned gray”

After Memories, the classic band dominated the stage with the song “Moja Muzyka” and Zbóje’s song “Jadę w Góry”. There was also a band called Baby Full, made up of Świerzyński’s children – sons Sebastian and Damian and daughter Nikola Świerzyńska-Dutkiewicz. When the singer’s children sat next to his father, the leaders decided to go back to 2004, when Swerzhinsky’s son was kidnapped. The singer recalled the difficult period with tears in his eyes. “How did the kidnapping happen and were the perpetrators arrested” – continued Chikobek. “After this incident in my family, after the kidnapping of Sebastian, when I lost my sight, my wife turned gray … Parents who did not survive this, cannot understand it. We have become a very careful family, controlling ourselves where we are”- Świerzyński.

In the end, Sebastian was asked if he remembered every detail from 17 years ago – this was also very emotional. The situation was a harrowing experience for the whole family, but when Sikora seamlessly transitioned from his painful memories to playing, thinking that at that time the Świerzyński family had only been helped by a good feast, it became very embarrassing. Andrei finished the first part of the event with the song “It’s a wedding” …

Świerzyński sang in Chinese…

After a few minutes of intermission, Świerzyński reappears on stage to re-tweak “Provincia” with Drupi along with the new Polish version of “Ragazzo da Napoli”. why? Without any justification. As the hosts said, “Poland’s Hottest Party” was in full swing with performances by Mejk, Boys and Patrycja Runo. Father Świerzyński said a few words, and he himself thanked Telewizja Polska for setting up this beautiful feature. After the movie “Little polka dots”, the hero of the evening showed the horse stud on a special video material. Interestingly enough, Beyer Bean’s “Chinese Career” was not forgotten, and Świerzyński performed a piece of “My Music” in that language. As you can see, the many publications in the media that expose the big lie do not prevent us from continuing to flaunt it.

The great ending was the performance of all the performers who came on stage that night, the song “All Poles, to One Family”, which is perhaps one of Świerzyński’s greatest songs. Of course, in the end, everyone gathered in the Zabrzei House of Music and Dance and sang “Happy Birthday”.

Photo: Podlewski/AKPA

Sławomir Świerzyński

Netizens criticize TVP . concert

During the jubilee party, a lot of negative words about Jacek Kurski were poured out on Twitter. The audience did not like the broadcast of the jubilee ceremony on the eve of the imposition of martial law. An angry netizen wrote: “In memory of the imposition of martial law, Korsky gave a useful presentation to Bayer Fall on TVP. We light candles here, and Korsky puts his underpants in dots.”

“I mention two billion PLN. For our money, Korsky is throwing a party on Mondays. I do not agree. The epidemic is raging, children are dying at the border. Full field. In fact, there is something to be happy with ”- added another. Others also highlighted the scandals that Bayer Full has been involved in for some time. “Since it seems that Świerzyński has deceived his fans and appropriated other people’s songs, this guy does not exist for me, and he will not get zlotys from my fans” – writes the netizen.

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