January 30, 2023


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Flash on the first trailer

Flash on the first trailer

DC FanDome brought the first trailer of The Flash. It seems that representatives of the younger and older generation will find something for themselves.

Flash appears for the first time

The title is very expressive, at least when it comes to the main character in this movie. The plot promises to be a bit more complicated, but you can often get that impression in situations where we’re dealing with time travel. Here’s exactly what you should expect.

Many details are still unknown, but one thing is certain. Famous heroes will appear, but also in alternate versions. The first trailer doesn’t explain much, but rather accurately presents the atmosphere and story. People who have an adventure with the Flashpoint comic book will find it good, it’s exactly what the whole thing depends on.

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Michael Keaton as Batman

The Flash is set to premiere next year. However, the most concerned people have no good reason to be overly optimistic. The date is set for November 4 next year, so we’ll have to wait more than 12 months, assuming nothing changes.

The director is Andy Muschietti, and Ezra Miller will appear in the title role, which is supposed to appeal to many viewers. It’s also the fact that you’ll also get to see Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton playing Batman on the big screen.

Source: getFANDOM

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