Shania Twain |  The golden cowherd charms the center of the bell

Shania Twain had already been singing for a good 45 minutes at the Bell Center when she stepped up to the microphone alone, guitar slung over her shoulder, and described how she was introduced to country music by her grandparents and started making music on her own. In a small room lost in the forest. Then she absorbed the first sentences Whose bed were your boots under? In a gentle, almost resigned tone.

It only lasted a moment. “I wondered what it would be like with a faster tempo,” she said, re-enacting the same piece in the version we know, with her team. With this pop energy, the perspective is turned upside down and the song re-empowers the woman betrayed by her cowboy.

This is the essence of Shania Twain: a singer who blew up the codes of pop and country music, placing herself in power. It didn’t impress me much, (If you’re not in it for love) I’m out! Many of the songs he sang Wednesday at the Bell Center exude this authority.

Photo by Dominique Gravel, La Presse

Shania Twain has well and truly recovered from her health issues and her early 2000s pop act.

His tour is named the same as his most recent album My queenAnd that’s what she looked like on stage: a vocal singer in her full possession.

Shania Twain is well and truly recovering from her health issues and her early 2000s pop shenanigans. The last time the writer of these lyrics saw the Canadian Queen of Country perform was at the Center Bell 20 years ago, when she released her album. Up! and gave a disappointing concert punctuated by a deafening pop beat, spending his time shaking hands while walking around a circular center stage on several levels.

Photo by Dominique Gravel, La Presse

Shania Twain or Center Bell

Shining country

We caught up with the country musician and singer again on Wednesday, his second visit to Montreal in less than six months. Bell turned the center into a saloon, re-releasing old songs like Any man of mine – with violins – but also his big pop hits from the mid-1990s Male ! I feel like a girl!, you are still one I’m getting better! and including some excerpts from his most recent album Waking dream And Pretty Liar.

Shania Twain appeared in a particularly playful mood, inviting the crowd to sing and dance with her. 30 years ago, we saw this bright side in her that distinguished her in a still very conventional and symbolic music world. Frankly, we didn’t understand the space theme of some of the animations or the golden Wonder Woman costume she wore during most of her performances, but that didn’t matter much: Shania Twain – who spoke mainly in French – was captivating. Everyone.

The speech stands out

It is rare for an artist to open a show to elicit a reaction beyond polite enthusiasm. Talk, however, easily drew the crowd into his game with his 1980s-tinged arena pop-rock. His powerful vocals and catchy choruses earned such an enthusiastic response from the audience. Run to Mars In particular, in which the crowd sang the chorus – we had the impression that the audience was there for him. Here’s someone who made new friends in Montreal.

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