Memorial Sunday |  The Queen did not attend the official ceremony for health reasons

(London) This will revive the concerns of her citizens: 95-year-old Elizabeth gave up her “great regret” due to her health, to attend an official ceremony in London on Sunday.

Pauline Froysard
France Media Company

“The Queen decided with great sadness that she could not attend the memorial Sunday service at the cemetery this morning because of an injury to her back. His Majesty is disappointed to have missed the ceremony, ”Buckingham Palace said in a statement issued a few hours before the event.

Photo by Toby Melville, AFP

A wreath was laid in the name of the Queen at the London Cemetery by Prince Charles.

Buckingham Palace has previously indicated that the King has a “firm intention” to observe the ceremony, which was organized in London to pay tribute to the victims of the war, after he had canceled participation in several events in recent weeks on the advice of his doctors.

This is his first public appearance since he was admitted to hospital last month. But her doctors reportedly felt that it was unfair for her to drive and stop.

So the king will stay at Windsor Castle, forty kilometers west of London, which has become his main residence.

“It’s very sad for the Queen because it’s the only event of the year she really wants to attend,” replied Benny Jr., an expert on the monarchy. “The public will be very sad and anxious to hear about another setback, but it is clear he needs to take advice and recover,” he said.Me Jr..

The Queen only missed a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and several politicians, six times during her long reign, as she traveled abroad or became pregnant with her two youngest children.

Her absence also disappoints military soldiers who expected to see her.

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland told Skynews, “The Queen is admired.” I think there will be a lot of tragedy, but everyone will like her well, and everyone will want to see her again, “he added.

As part of the ceremony, his son Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, laid a wreath in his mother’s name at the war memorial cemetery he has been doing since 2017. It was on this date that Elizabeth began to hand over the responsibility to him. Some of his activities were for other members of the royal family.

Photo by Toby Melville, France-Press Agency

Prince Charles in front of the tomb

This Sunday Prince Charles, 73, went with his eldest son, Prince William. Other members of the royal family were also present.

Photo by Aaron Chowdhury, France-Press Agency

Prince William

“She’s fine.”

The Queen’s health worries the English.

On October 20, the day after a reception at Windsor Castle, he was chatting with his Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American businessman Bill Gates.

Elizabeth II spent the next night in the hospital, her first hospital since 2013, with no details provided.

The revelation of reporters that night at the hospital raised questions about his health, as well as criticism of the lack of transparency at Buckingham Palace.

On the advice of her doctors, the Queen was asked to rest and her agenda was greatly reduced: Prince Charles and William canceled his trip to COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland) to represent the royal family.

Photo by Alberto Bessoli, Agencies France-Press

Queen Elizabeth recorded a message to the COP26 participants.

Elizabeth II succeeded her father George VI in 1952 and will celebrate her 70th reign the following year.

The Queen, whose husband Prince Philip died in April at the age of 99, appeared in good condition until recently, although he was able to be seen walking with a cane, the first time since 2004.

And according to the tabloid The sun, He stopped walking on his Karkis, especially the dog breed he loved.

When asked by a member of the public on Thursday about his mother’s health while visiting Brixton County in south London, Prince Charles responded: “She is OK.”

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