Justin Trudeau on Tuesday morning provoked passengers by saying that the easing of some border measures could be announced “in the coming weeks”.

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He warned that these relaxations would only affect those who received the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, and that any decision in this direction was “scientifically based.”

Currently, passengers returning home by air have to undergo two weeks of isolation. It should start at the hotel with the first negative decision pending, at the expense of the passenger, before proceeding to a place considered safe by the border authorities.

The federal government has long insisted that the move make Canada one of the “toughest” countries in terms of health and international travel.

“We are seeing a decrease in cases. We are seeing a drastic improvement in our hospitals and our health systems across the country because people have been vaccinated with the first dose,” Trudeau said. “But we also know that we do not have complete protection until both doses are available.”

So the Prime Minister encourages Canadians to get vaccinated, those who have already received the first dose of Covit-19 vaccine, do not hesitate to rush to get the second.

Justin Trudeau said the relaxation of measures would also be made following discussions with the provinces.

Legalt opens the door

In Quebec, Franுவாois Legold opened the door to travel for those who received their second dose in July, but “nothing has ended yet”.

He pointed out that discussions are underway with the Central Government and other provinces in this regard.

Quebec Public Health is about the same as the federal public health about the capital importance of a complete vaccine before resuming international travel.

Currently, the majority of people in Quebec plans have their second dose by the end of August.

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