See a real break.  This engineer creates unusual alternatives to the eye
  • The engineer who designed the prosthetics is Brian Stanley, who lost one of his eyes to cancer.
  • In his place, for two years now, he’s been using hand-made prosthetics with built-in LED lights.
  • Dentures are made of titanium and come in a variety of designs, colors and functions.
  • He shares their projects with people on his Instagram profile under the name bsmachinst.
  • In his latest video, which has become very popular on the Internet, Brian shows a prosthetic he uses as a flashlight.

Brian Stanley is an engineer and prototype maker based in California. As a result of cancer A few years ago, he lost one of his eyes. However, instead of only wearing a prosthetic covering from an ophthalmologist, He builds his own original prosthetic limbs. brags about them on instagram, bsmachinst. His latest movie went viral on the internet. presents his prosthetic limb on them, Which serves as a flashlight.

Brian called his new prosthesis a “skull lamp.”. He explains that the light bulb does not heat up and that its battery will last about 20 hours. Immediately people said that He looks like a separator and has the perfect Halloween costume. However, in the group Brian is a set of other denturesWhich makes it truly reminiscent of the iconic T-800 cyborg.

Brian He builds his own dentures for two years. Initially, they were artistic patterns, the construction of which was fun and an opportunity to gain practice in the construction of small devices.

Over time, he added LEDs to his dentures. Combining this with artistic patterns, his designs made it so Really starting to look like a real cyborg.

So he started trying different solutions. One of them was developing a system Thanks to this, you can control the lighting of the lights of the prosthesis by gestures. The mechanism is very simple and very effective. With his latest dentures, Brian can turn on the LED lights…by brushing his hair.

Prosthetics are always carefully prepared and often decorated with special patterns. Brian has already created prosthetics with the Batman or Rammstein logo. Every year, he also creates an occasional Halloween costume. It recently introduced releases for 2022.

Handmade prosthetics are a hobby Brian wants to share with the community. With each new project, it creates more and more interesting, interesting or funny ideas. Sam realizes That thanks to his “robot eye” he became famous on the Internet as a “terminator” or a cyborg. It does not prevent him at all from having fun.

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