March 20, 2023


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"I answered the phone. I heard Christian died in an accident."

“I answered the phone. I heard Christian died in an accident.”

  • Janusz Niedźwiedź has led Krystian Popiela in four matches of Stal Rzeszów. On September 9, 2018, a young racer died in a car accident
  • Today Bear is training Widzew, the cool newcomer to Ekstraklasa. Popiel dedicated the victory with Krakow. – Just before the match started, I called Christian’s dad to say I was thinking about his son and I would like to win – he said
  • In the podcast “X-ray”, the coach recalls the days when he learned about the death of the football player. – You had to make the team go to training. I wasn’t forcing anyone. I said that everyone has the right to make their own decisions. If someone wants to go home, think about it alone, they can go. If someone wanted to go out for training, they could go out. Later, Darek told Jarecki what I was doing in one of the interviews. Because I honestly say I don’t remember a few things. There was such an exercise with the goalkeeper. Players were supposed to shoot at the goal or kick the ball around the field to expel their emotions
  • More interesting stories can be found on the new website of Przegląd Sportowy Onet. Checks out!