Secret meeting of the elites.  They will decide the future of artificial intelligence

The 69th meeting of the Bilderberg Group has begun, this time in Lisbon. It is secret, and the invited participants include the most influential people from the worlds of politics, science and business. This year, one of the main topics will be the inventions of OpenAI, Google and Microsoft.

The Bilderberg Meetings are annual conferences that have been organized since 1954, where influential people from the elite world meet. According to the official statement, the aim of the meetings is to support dialogue between Europe and North America and discuss the most important security, political and economic issues.

Meetings are held behind closed doors and are classified. That is why they have generated a lot of controversy and conspiracy theories that suggest that its members rule the world or plan to create a new world order. This year, the list of issues to be discussed is particularly long. One of the most notable is the rapid acceleration in the development of artificial intelligence. No wonder the heads of OpenAI, Microsoft and DeepMind (a company owned by Google) will appear at the secret meeting.

You don’t need conspiracy theories to see how huge ChatGPT is.

Regardless of whether someone considers the meetings of the Bildberg Group to be a secret meeting of the builders of lizards or believes in official announcements – the status of artificial intelligence as one of the main topics clearly shows that the powerful in this world and the people responsible for setting the direction of its development are very afraid of the changes that artificial intelligence will bring to the world. Economy.

To give context, this topic was elevated to the same rank at this year’s meeting as the global energy transition, Putin’s dictatorship and the war in Ukraine. Special guests and experts at the meeting will be Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Sam Altman (Open AI), Eric Schmidt (Google) and Demis Hassabis (DeepMind). Apple and Meta representatives were not invited.

The meeting will continue until next Sunday. Due to the nature of the meeting, no press releases will be published after its conclusion. Leaks from the whistleblower also look dubious – no strangers appeared at the meeting, only invited representatives of the elite.

* Open the image generated by Adobe Firefly AI. Prompt: A discussion between elites and Freemasons in a closed session about the future of the world. Muted art. Low illumination.

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