November 28, 2022


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They turn people into crystals and send them to the moon.  "It's immortality"

They turn people into crystals and send them to the moon. “It’s immortality”

American company space crystals LLC wants to let all comers Achieving an alternative to immortality With the help of crystals. These will not be ordinary crystals found on Earth, but unique crystals, specially prepared at the request of customers. The whole process is very complex and therefore magical.

Company representatives explain that for $150,000, anyone can Save your DNA in the crystal and sent to the surface of the moon. This process during which two crystalline solutions are soaked with the customer’s DNA material, and then the solution prepared in this way is sent into space where it undergoes the crystallization process. Then two unique crystals are formed.

Interestingly, both crystals will return to Earth. One will be given to the customer, and the other may be on board a capsule, which will soon land on the surface of the natural satellite of our planet. Besides the Lunar Crystal, Space Crystals adds 1 GB drive. The customer will be able to fill it with his data as a souvenir.

The American company claims that crystals containing DNA will be able to survive on the Moon in the greatest disasters that will arise on Earth. In this way, customers will be able to Achieving an alternative to immortality. Sure, it’s just a marketing ploy, but it’s true that changes on the Moon don’t happen as fast as they do on Earth, so DNA data and customers will be safer.

Recently, another company offered to freeze dead bodies and place them in coffins in Earth orbit. The interest in such a project was huge. This indicates that this type of business in the future is bull’s-eye. Rich people want something new, and colonization of the moon And the first trip to Mars creates huge opportunities.

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